How to build your network on LinkedIn is an amazing topic that you deserve to know the authentic answer to.  A network of other humans is great but a true network is one that supports you, knows you & finds amazing value in you.

We will unpack all of these diffucult details with such ease like car transportation compared to horses.  After 50,000 LinkedIn leads generated, it’s time to give some answers to you.  Buckle your seatbelts, let’s have some fun.

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how to build a network on LinkedIn

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Building Your Network On LinkedIn Starting Point

Before we talk about building a network on LinkedIn, I think it would be best to define what a true network really is.  I want you to understand what a “network” is and what it will do for you.

It’s fairly obvious that if we know what something is, we will be much more apt to create it.  

A network isn't just a group of people.  A true network is a group of people that you're growing relationships with through generosity.  People that desire to make your life better in any way possible, especially business.

Building a network is like nuturing a plant.  It doesn't happen in 1 day.  The difference is, if you allow this generosity to shine through, you can build through people.

If you build it correctly, a network will be the greatest asset you'll ever build in your life.  Treat your network special & it will take care of you forever!

Linked With Generosity Wisdom

Reciprocity Creator, TheLiveNetworker

A Network Is More Than People

As you can see from above, a network is something you care about, you treat with care & you love.  You express love to it & through it with generosity.  When you do so, you allow the universe to bring all good back to you.

This blog post is about teach you what a network truly is and how to build that kind of relationship with your amazing people.  We will not go into connecting with people because I have my entire process broke out in this blog post.  Yes, scripts are included – the exact LinkedIn scripts that created over 50,000 LinkedIn leads!

How To Build A Network On LinkedIn #2

Awareness Is Everything In Life & Business

Me & my amazing wife Felicia travel the world.  While in Loreto, Mexico, our neighbor peeks in the door.  My energy was incredibly open that day & she deperately needed some assistance.  From closed restaurants to botched hikes, her vacation wasn’t going too well.

After a 15 to 30 minute conversation & 2 canceled calls, we helped Iris with several of our favorite places here in Loreto.  We hooked her up with our gratitude filled boat captain who was the best fisherman around – Poncho.

The next day, something inside me (intuition) told me to create a friends get-together & go out to dinner.  I picked our best authentic spot & we took her out to have an amazing time.  

As she left Loreto to head back to California, it was like loosing a friend.  Iris had become someone special to us.  It became aparent to me that one of my best friends, Kal – needed to meet her.

Iris is so incredibly smart, witty & gorgeous (might I add) & Kal is a handsome, intelectual & his awareness is outregous.  This two are on a very short list of my amazing humans in my life.

I receive a message back to me yesterday that they talked for 1.5 hours and now are meeting up, as they live close together.  Kal is an amazing friend and deep awareness made this happen.

This is the essense of building a network.  This is how you treat people.  Will they get married?  Will they be amazing friends?  Will they do business together?

Those questions aren’t for me to answer.  My job is to take care of my network.  To treat them with care, authenticity & love.  I will promise you, both of these beutiful people will do anything for me.  Generosity is an action, it’s not just words!

Terry, Felicia, Iris & Linsey

How To Build Your Network On LinkedIn

There are so many examples that I could have used in the above story.  This one made the most sense.  By the way, I met Kal on a LinkedIn call like I teach (click here for more).  Now, he is an amazing friend, is a client, has referred 100’s of people to me & so much more.

I have a few steps that I always follow to take care of my network.  If you follow these steps in building your network on LinkedIn, your people will desire to make your life better!  Remember, if you want the how-to side, go here.

Your Feeling Tone

This may be a weird topic but your feeling tone is how someone feels when you are communicating with them.  Do they feel that you’re there to serve or get something from them?

If Iris would have felt that we didn’t want to “waste” our time on her, she wouldn’t have peeked in the door.  What you are thinking upstairs between the ears will dictate how others feel around you.  This is the first step to making sure your network loves you enough to support you.

NOTE:  I use this amazing service to generate 1 referral a day or more, but if you feeling tone feels like sales, it will never work for you!  Why would people want to put their network in an atmosphere like that?

I always ask myself this question.  What atmosphere am I creating on every conversation?

The Atmoshere of Building A Network On LinkedIn

Your Conversation (The Words)

Your words or how you communicate is a very important piece in building your network on LinkedIn.  People, including you, don’t really like hearing about how great someone is.

When you speak to people within your network, become the question asker.  It will cause them to absolutely love you for a reason they just don’t know.

Are you asking questions and listening?  Or are you always thinking about the next sale?

Becoming Mindful About Their Passions

If you truly want to build a network on LinkedIn, care more.  One time I was talking to my buddy Kal.  I stated something that he had said a week prior and he ask…

How did you remember that?

generate leads on linkedin

I simply replied… “Because I care.”

When you become mindful of the individual people inside your network and you truly care about the generosity & love that is expressed through you to them, you give off energy that is addicting.

When you build a network with this kind of glue, it is unbreakable.  It will create true authentic reciprocity.  Reciprocity is the currency of society.  If you’re not receiving reciprocity, take a good, long, hard look in the mirror.

Do you truly deserve reciprocity solely based on what you give?

Give, Give, Give

If me and you meet on the phone through LinkedIn & we have a good connection, you will NEVER forget me.  Sounds kinda like a nightmare, huh?  This is quite the opposite.

You’ll first receive a card & brownies from me.  Yep, test me.  Reach out to me on LinkedIn here.

generate leads on LinkedIn

Then on your birthday, you’ll automatically receive a birthday card & cake bars.  See, generosity is an action, it’s not just something that you say.  Building your networking on LinkedIn to take care of you takes effort, supreme intentionality & generosity with everything you do.

It’s incredibly worth it to have a group of people you can call friends.  The relationships you build will be bliss.  More importantly, the fulfillment that you’ll be left with will be life altering.

Does your network on LinkedIn remember you?  If they do, is it for the right reasons?

Check In With Your Network Monthly

If you are a good friend, do I hear from you just when I need or want something?

Absolutely NOT!  When building your network on LinkedIn, make sure you check-in with all of your important people via a phone call.  

This call has 2 objectives.  I want to see how you are and how I can serve you.  Whether it be business, pleasure or other.  The 2nd objective is to ask for a referral.  Now, I will not go into that in this blog post.

If you are treating your network on LinkedIn the right way, your network DESERVES the right to give back to you.  Reciprocity is in our veins.  When triggered, we all want to give back.  We want to make those people around us who make our lives better — HAPPY.

It’s your job to trigger reciprocity & then give the platform for your network on LinkedIn to give back.

Thats all for now.  I’d love for you to test out my course below.  I teach you precisely how we generated 50,000 leads over the last 8 years!  Oh yeah, it costs you nothing.

With Generosity,

Terry Jay Gremaux



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