Combining Authentic Relationship Building & The Power Of LinkedIn To Make Business Easy

Linked with generosity was a concept that we paired with the power of LinkedIn to make others DESIRE to do send more referrals to us.

This stategy has created a referral network that never quits giving.  Now, we are giving away the process that got us here at no cost.

linked with generosity

Linked With Generosity

Understanding How To Trigger Reciprocity To Create Referrals Naturally

Everything we create here at “The Live Networker” is to make business easy for you.  We use generosity & real relationship building to trigger the natural tendencies of all good people to want to give.  

LinkedIn Leads

Booking your perfect target market on your calendar allowing you to focus all of your effort on sales & referrals.

linked with generosity

Linked With G[IN]erosity

Combining authentic relationship building & the power of LinkedIn to make business easy

social media branding

Social Media Branding

Making Smart Business Owners Look & Sound Irresistible to Their Ideal Prospect.

leads on linkedin

LinkedIn Authority

Creating authority on LinkedIn is everything (finish teaser)

linked with generosity

The Linked With G[IN]erosity Community

Teaching you how to easily create an unlimited supply of referrals based on tried & trued Linked With Generosity principles.

leads on linkedin

Mailbox Power

How we increased referrals by 300% & cut our length of sale in half.  

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