Using LinkedIn for network marketing is by far my favorite method to recruit new members. If you’ve been to my blog before, you certainly understand & know that. It’s no secret.

I will be sharing with you in this blog post why using Linkedin for network marketing is so powerful to understand and utilize in 2020 & beyond into your business. Not only is it my favorite way to recruit professionals, it just makes sense.

This blog post about using LinkedIn for network marketing will greatly on your daily routine. What do you need to do each day to guarantee you will find success using LinkedIn for network marketing?

That is what we will focus on in this blog post.

Why Is Using LinkedIn For Network Marketing Best

Many people continue to ask me why do you use LinkedIn for network marketing & the network app called Shapr. It’s very simple to understand this question if we go back to the root of network marketing.

If you want to grow a huge network marketing business, we must recruit people that have a network, have influence & are willing to go to work. It’s really that simple. If you do that, you win big.

If you don’t, you’ll have a really, really tough road. You don’t want to have a really tough road. That is silliness! That is why we use LinkedIn for network marketing instead of the other platforms. I know this blog post is all about how to follow-up when using LinkedIn for network marketing but we first need to understand why LinkedIn.

Following Up Is Like Juggling When Using LinkedIn For Network Marketing

They always say that the fortune is in the follow up. It took me ages to actually learn what this phrase means. When using LinkedIn for network marketing, this is essential because we need to understand the follow up game in the cold market with professionals.

I will won’t talk too much today about what I say on the phone & if you need to know those key points, I’ve written a blog with 3 videos that explain every piece of what to say when on the phone to a lead using LinkedIn for network marketing.

Be sure to see the blog up above as it will help you immensely talk to folks, know what to say, how to say it & have success in your network marketing business. Using LinkedIn for network marketing certainly plays by a different set of rules than warm market or any other platform online.

In the upcoming section of this blog, I will be sharing with you my daily routine using LinkedIn for network marketing & how you can create magical success in your business.

How To Follow Up Correctly When Using LinkedIn For Network Marketing

When you have a call that books on your calendar or you get their phone number from LinkedIn, you need to understand this concept. If you don’t get this clear picture, you’ll fail compared to where you should be.

If you want all my LinkedIn MLM Scripts, click on the blog post below. You can copy them word for word. I’ll give you permission.

Back to the point. When you have your appointment with that professional that you got on the phone with & they tell you they are open. You will send them information. Please book a meeting from a meeting before you get off the phone.

These meetings are like juggling. If you don’t book another meeting before you get off the phone, you’ve dropped the ball. When you drop the ball it decreases your ability to earn income, enroll members & customers greatly!

You want to BAMFAM until they join or tell you no. It’s truly that simple. If they don’t join, you simply put them back on the calendar for a date down the road. You put another piece of information or a 3 way call into line for the next appointment. Just keep the call in the air.

Your Daily Routine For Using LinkedIn For Network Marketing

  1. Meditate
  2. Visualize Your Day
  3. Invest In Yourself (At Least 1 Hour)
  4. Do LinkedIn Items
  5. Make Your Calls
  6. Follow Up
  7. Plan Your Tomorrow Before You Go To Bed

Let’s roll through this daily routine when using LinkedIn for network marketing. I think that you need to have a clear mind when getting your day started. Your mind will constantly talk to you if you don’t quiet your mind.

I don’t know any other way to quiet the mind than meditate. It doesn’t really matter to me who you follow but essentially you want to sit quiet & be mindful of the things going through your mind to let them go. Just sit & pay attention to your breathing. It will make a profound impact on you.

Now that your mind is in a meditative state, you now want to visualize your day & how you want it to end up. As Jim Rohn says, start your day by seeing it first. I visualize each member of my team turning into 20 people. It’s amazing when I started this visualization what started to happen in my business.

It’s time to sink your teeth into some personal development. When using LinkedIn for network marketing, please understand that you need to make yourself better. If you don’t, you’ll fail in this business. You’re reaching out to professionals, but you must continue to grow.

I suggest putting at least 1 hour of good personal development into my mind each day. This is a great start. But please understand that you do it to grow, not to just check it off the list. One of my favs is skill with people

The next thing is your LinkedIn items. I will not go through them here because they are inside a blog up above. I would like to invite you to our program. You’ll be able to never worry about these things again. We, the professionals will deal with that for you.

Now of course you do your calls & follow up with your folks. The business is truly this simple. If you just allow us to help you generate leads & do the dirty work for you, you’ll understand how to get your time back.

Before you go to bed, make sure you plan your next day. This puts the intention where it needs to be and allows you to go to bed with a clear mind. It took me a long time to understand this concept, please just take my word and do it.

See how simple your life could be?

Talk to you soon,

Terry Jay Gremaux – +1.406.366.9280

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