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Skill With People by Les Giblin is an amazing book. We read it as a group awhile back & I believe there is some incredible information that needs to be shared. This blog post is my compilation of thoughts, actions & impact that this book, Skill With People can have for network marketers.

My wife, the incredible Felicia Gremaux put together a masters level study guide for this book. It’s almost like a masters degree in “Skill With People”. Of course, if we really look into what that means, you should easily want to gain that masters degree as fast as possible. If you do, your network marketing business will thank you greatly.

You guys already know that LinkedIn for network marketing is my absolute favorite way to prospect and enroll people into my organization. There is no better way, in my opinion and this further makes me want you to study this book & study guide even more. LinkedIn for network marketing depends on you creating a masterful set of skills with people.

Skill With People Chapter 1: Skillfully Understanding People

If you want to become a legend in your family or successful in network marketing, understanding people is absolutely mandatory to master. In chapter 1 of Skill With People, Les talks about what people truly care about.

Let’s take you for instance. You truly only care about you. You are interested in yourself above all else. In fact, when someone is presenting you with anything of value, you are thinking how it fits into your life. We are all this way.

With LinkedIn for network marketing, we can use this to our advantage. Knowing that all people have the human nature to be interested in themselves, we can use this to understand what people will typically do & behave.

This gives us a leg up when talking to people within network marketing. As you know, my LinkedIn for network marketing strategies are 100% targeted to you talking to other humans on the phone. Understanding people is so important. This is why, Skill With People is such a short, dynamic, amazing read for you.

Skill With People Chapter 1 Review – Understand People To Get Anything You Want

How To Skillfully Talk To People

If we take what we have already learned above about understanding people, chapter 2 in about how to skillfully talk to people. The Skill With People talks about irradiating the words I, Me, My & Mine from your language.

Think about the way you feel when someone goes off about themselves. You think they are an egotistical, self-interested person. You don’t feel good around them at all.

skill with people
Questions Are A Critical Component Of Skill With People. These Are Some Of My Favorites.

In LinkedIn for network marketing, you have the ability to make people feel amazing by asking them questions about themselves. Ask them to talk about themselves and they will immediately love you. It’s very crazy, when using our LinkedIn for network marketing strategies, your conversations get so much easier just by asking questions.

The bottom line is, if you master this Skill With People skillset, network marketing will become so easy for you. In fact, LinkedIn for network marketing strategies will easily become fun because you will get your prospect talking and you then will just guide the conversation.

Skill With People Chapter 2: How To Skillfully Talk To People

Skill With People: Make People Feel Important

Yes, you want to feel important too. This Skill With People may be the most important chapter in the book. The more important you make your prospect feel, the more they will want to do for you. We all desire to feel important and if you can truly get this concept, LinkedIn for network marketing will be one of the easiest tasks you’ll ever do.

Your team and your prospects will respond to you in great fashion if you make them feel as important as possible. It doesn’t matter what they do for you & in fact, it could be on the initial call you have with someone using my LinkedIn MLM scripts.

Truly listen to your prospects when they talk. Be intrenched in the conversation is a huge Skill With People, not in the destination. If you can get yourself to understand that listening and responding will get you to your destination much faster, you will win big with LinkedIn for network marketing.

Applaud & compliment people when it’s deserved. This has to be authentic or it’ll blow up in your face. When you are using 3 way calling or on your first call with a new person, you have to be authentic. If you’re impressed with someone in any fashion, compliment them authentically. If someone on your team does something simple & deserves a compliment, call them out. This is the biggest thing that can make you feel amazing.

You love your name. Even if you don’t really like your name, I promise you that when you hear your name, you love it. It makes you feel good & important. It is what you identify with. Therefore, when you are talking to people using LinkedIn for network marketing or any kind of situation, say their name as much as possible.

Always pause before you answer back. Most people have their answer already pre-planned in their mind. This tells the other person that you don’t care what they say, you only care about yourself. Stop pre-planning what you are going to say and just pause. This tells your prospect or team member that you actually care. It gives their words & thoughts importance.

Remember to use you & your as much as possible. Stop using I, me & my. This Skill With People will serve you great in all areas of your life. Acknowledge people people they are waiting for you as well. No matter how little of a thing you believe it is, people feel important when you notice them. If you are running late on a call using LinkedIn for network marketing, send a text message & let them know.

Last thing for this chapter in Skill With People is to pay attention to everyone in a group. For this example, I want you to look at your organization in network marketing & think about the people that don’t produce a lot of business. Pay attention to them & make them feel important too. The rest of the people in the group will notice.

Skill With People Chapter 3: How To Skillfully Listen To People

Skillfully Agree With People: Skill With People Chapter 4

This can be a very tough thought to become agreeable with people even when they’re wrong but Skill With People is all about understand people so you can get more out of life.

It’s easy for any of us to disagree and state our case but remember that Skill With People is truly about them. It’s about you, not me. This is very difficult to agree when the other person is wrong. Let’s take a conversation on LinkedIn for network marketing. Does making sure you’re right do anything but stroke your ego? Didn’t think so.

Develop an agreeable mentality. This is easy for all of us if we choose. Even the most hard headed, analytical people on the planet. We need to develop an agreeable attitude. This is truly what wise people do.

LinkedIn for network marketing can get incredibly powerful for you when you understand how to tell people when you agree with them. If we get ourselves out of this place of having to be “right” allows us to make others feel important. Typically you’ll never find a time where you have to disagree.

skill with people
How To Skillfully Agree With People From Skill With People.

Admitting when you’re wrong can be the biggest leadership trait you even could have, seriously. We all wrong from time to time but most people try to hide it, blame someone else or find an alibi. Be big enough to admit when you’re wrong without giving an excuse. This will develop more rapport than anything especially with those close to you.

If you miss an appointment in your calendar with my LinkedIn for network marketing strategies, don’t make an excuse. It does you absolutely NO GOOD.

As a network marketer, I want us to be different. Let’s refrain from arguing ever because nobody ever wins. Even if you’re right, you’ve damaged that relationship so far that you can’t win. That person never feels good around you so why would they EVER want to be in your organization.

Once in awhile you’ll run into a fighter. We’ve got to understand what fighters want. They want to fight. This means if you simply remove the fight, they lose. Just don’t respond & you’ll never have a problem with these “fighters”. They will not bug you anymore because they can’t do what they love.

Skill With People Chapter 4: How To Skillfully Agree With People

Skill With People Chapter 5: Skillfully Listen To People

If you become an amazing listener, you’ll be smarter, better liked than anyone else & be a better conversationalist. This will allow you to become more & recruit people using LinkedIn for network marketing way easier.

This chapter in Skill With People is about how to become a great listener instead of a talker. Inside of network marketing sometimes it’s very hard not to want to talk up a storm. This causes your prospect to not what anything to do with you.

Great Listeners help people listen to the ten to their favorite speakers — THEMSELVES.

When someone is talking, make sure you look at them and lean into them. This will enable you to make them feel more important. Interesting speakers will have you hanging on the edge of your seat. If you do this in all your conversations, you’ll have people loving every minute of you.

You can even do this with your LinkedIn MLM Scripts. When you’re on the phone, lean into it. When you’re typing back to someone in a script form, act like you’re paying attention to them. This forms loving energy as you use LinkedIn for network marketing.

Appear as if you don’t want to miss a word & LinkedIn for network marketing will work so well. Remember to ask as many questions as possible. Questions let the other party know that you understand & are paying attention. This also allows you to respond instead of using LinkedIn MLM Scripts like everyone else.

We all want to talk about what we want but if you want to be influential, don’t change the subject. More importantly, don’t let your mind drift to your subject of signing them up or selling for example. Stay on the subject they want to talk about until it’s time to move on.

The last thing on this chapter in Skill With People is using the words you & your. If you switch to words like I & me, you are going to start talking about yourself. Stop the non-sense & make sure you keep your prospect front and center.

How To Skillfully Influence People

This Skill With People right here can be the most important and tricky of all. Influence is the art of getting people to do exactly what you ant them to do and have them LOVE doing it.

The way you do this is simple, but not easy. You have to do some investigating to find out exactly what they want. Once you do this, you can easily figure out how to influence them by leading them to what they want and in turn, getting what you want in the process.

Once you use the effort to find out what your prospect wants & desires, you can ask, watch & listen to show them how to get it. In turn, this will give you exactly what you want in your business & life. When you’re talking to people using my LinkedIn MLM Scripts, I want you to understand what your prospect truly wants. It’s never money.

It’s always what money could give them. If you figure this out and get good at this practice, you can get anything in life and have your prospect loving every minute of it.

Chapter 7: Skillfully Convince People

Chapter 7 of the book called, Skill With People talks about how to convince people to do what you want them to do. Now, we don’t want to heavily convince people to join our opportunity but there is a huge lesson for us here in network marketing.

Don’t tell your own story unless you are the expert on a 3 way call. Instead, tell someone else’s story. Quote the success or statements of your upline leader, CEO or someone else you know in the company.

When you’re using my LinkedIn for network marketing strategies with my LinkedIn MLM scripts that I’ve given you all, don’t tell stories about yourself if you can at all help it.

This is another great reason to use as many 3 way calls as humanly possible. People & prospects will be much more impressed to hear about someone else’s story or have you quote someone else instead of talking about yourself.

Chapter 7 Skill With People: How To Skillfully Convince People

Skill With People Chapter 8 – Skillfully Make People’s Minds Up

Did you know that was possible? To skillfully make people’s minds up. To make the mind up of your prospect in the way that you’d like them to know it. This is a pretty good Skill With People to have, right?

Your prospects say yes to you because more reasons than just luck. It’s not that you just get lucky every once in while. My LinkedIn MLM Scripts will get you on the phone with the right people but how do you get more people to say yes to you?

There is a formula to get others to say yes. Are you giving your prospects reasons to say yes within the LinkedIn for network marketing process? Are you providing reasons why they should get on a 3 way call?

The first thing you must do to employ this Skill With People is give them reasons to say yes. Not your reasons, this your prospects reasons. You must put effort forth to know your prospect enough to be able to give the the right reasons to move forward.

Ask yes questions and you’ll get your prospect into a pattern of saying yes’s. Ask questions that give the prospect no other answer to give. Then you start giving yes or yes option. For example, would you like to meet up next on Saturday or Monday?

They have no choice typically to answer but yes. They will pick one. Rather than, would Monday be a good time to connect? With that question, they can say no. You also start expecting them to say yes and let them know that, they will do what you expect. If we expect them to say no, they typically will say that.

When you use my LinkedIn MLM Scripts, you’ll easily discover that it’s a simple process to get yes more often. The Skill With People that makes people’s minds up will make you millions of dollars in network marketing. Keep up the great work.

Skill With People Chapter 9: Set Prospects Mood

Did you know that was possible? Within the 1st few seconds of 2 people meeting on the phone or in person, one persons energy sets the tone. The tone in the conversation or energy can be set by you. When people are incredibly happy, they are easier to have conversation with & they have more fun.

If they have more fun around you, they will want to have more fun with you. The spirit of the conversation is met by someone, you want that someone to be you. Someone will follow the spirit and someone will lead the spirit. If you lead the spirit with a smile & a complimentary style, you’ll get that back in return.

Remember, you will always get back in return what you give out. If you give out loving energy, you’ll always get back that same thing. You want to lead that spirit with love and they will follow.

People will always follow this law of human behavior, we call it Respond In Kind. This Skill With People means that people will respond in the kind that you treat them. Simpler put, you get back in KIND what you give out. Smile, relax & be happy. This will make it way easier & more fun to have conversations.

Skill With People Chapter 9: Set Your Prospects Mood

How To Skillfully Praise People

It’s crazy that we have rules for praising people but it’s where a lot of us make mistakes. We get lazy. This is where professionals really separate themselves. Not only do they praise but they make it impactful.

I just got off of a leadership call where a person complimented me because I complimented her. She let our upline and everyone else know how awesome I was just because I made her feel so awesome. This is something we all could do.

When you make praising people a huge deal, you’ll always find yourself having more fun and being liked by so many more people. When inside of LinkedIn for network marketing, remember this is something that I can’t really craft inside my LinkedIn MLM Scripts that I put together.

Find 3 people everyday to give a compliment or kind word too. Don’t just say thank you or you’re awesome. Tell them EXACTLY why they are awesome. Tell them why you like them so much. Be precise, specific & sincere. You’ve got to believe every piece of it.

Skill With People Chapter 10: How To Praise People & Make Them Feel Special

Chapter 11: How To Skillfully Critique People

What a subject! To me, Skill With People is a magical book. Critiquing people is a necessary evil if we are to do something special in life like leading. There will always be areas of life & business to critique and make better. When we are dealing with our network marketing teams, it’s very important to understand how to do this skillfully.

If we don’t, we risk the highly likely feeling of disappointment in our people. This is not right. It’s absolutely WRONG. Critiquing isn’t about making ourselves look better, it’s about making everyone around us better. As I go through a few things here, understand that this is a necessary evil with people. This Skill With People will help you tremendously train & lead your team effectively.

It starts with the spirit of the critique. A lot of critique I’ve been through in the job world gives me the feeling of smallness. The spirit needs to be to make the person better. Start of in absolute privacy. Never, I mean NEVER critique with an open door, on a zoom call or anything like that. You need to be in complete privacy.

Always start your conversation out on awesome terms. You know, terms that will get the conversation off to a fantastic start. This will help your team member take it in a positive manner. Give them compliments before you get started critiquing them. Then, the skill is making the critique impersonal. The act or event that happened was wrong, don’t attack their personal character.

You supply the answer and ask them kindly for their collaboration & then finish on a friendly note. There is absolutely NO NEED to go on and on. This Skill With People will help you become amazing by leading a team of people yet not making them angry as you critique and lead them.

Skill With People Chapter 11: How To Critique People & Have Them Love You

Thanking People Skillfully: Skill With People Chapter 12

It’s our human nature to respond to those that show gratitude back to us. It’s fairly obvious that we love those who love us back. The question with this Skill With People is, do you show gratitude and understand how to skillfully thank people.

Make sure if you’re going to thank people, you mean it sincerely. If you don’t believe it deep down, you will show it like a fool. Don’t be that guy. People deserve to feel this way over and over from you. Look at them in the eyes or lean into the phone if you’re talking to them on the phone.

Give them every stitch of energy that you have. This is critically important. It’s always good to call them by name as much as you can. This creates more rapport as we all love hearing our name, even if we don’t like our name. When you personalize who you are talking to, we all feel good.

As you walk around your life, start finding ways to authentically & specifically thank people. This will start to change the direction of your life dramatically. It’s a really big deal. Thank people personally and you’ll have a much richer, wealthier life.

Skill With People Chapter 12: How To Skillfully Get More From People

How To Skillfully Make A Good First Impression

We have to understand that Skill With People is all about understand that we greatly control others opinions of ourselves. That’s right. Not completely, but for the most part, we do. This section is about creating a great 1st impression with you’re using my LinkedIn MLM Scripts or my other LinkedIn for Network Marketing strategies.

Your impression is greatly weighted on how you show up. How do you teach people to treat you based on your confidence and how you speak about yourself? Are you apologizing or stating what you do with pride?

As we’ve talked about in several different pieces of this Skill With People, be real, be sincere & be honest. If you don’t mean what you say & you don’t believe it, it will shine through. If you’re excited about what you’re doing especially when using LinkedIn for network marketing, it will help you a great deal. Successful people are excited but not full of hype.

Never put down others to make yourself look better no matter what. This gives you a bad vibe and makes you a smuck. Learn to become more and lift yourself and others up. Stop the non-sense. To go even further, stop knocking anyone or anything to make positive gain. The carma that comes with that nasty attitude will knock you right on your…

As this book comes to an end, Skill With People has been absolutely great.

Skill With People Chapter 13: How To Create An Incredible 1st Impression

Chapter 14 – Skill With People: How To Skillfully Make A Talk

The moment has came and you get asked to speak or if there are any questions. What do you do? How do you do this in a manner that is respectful.

  1. Know what you are going to say.
  2. Say it & sit down.
  3. Look at the audience.
  4. Talk about what they want to hear.
  5. Try to make a conversation, not a speach.
Skill With People Chapter 14: How To Skillfully Make A Talk

This concludes my deep review on Skill With People. If you’re in any kind of sales, network marketing, mlm, insurance, etc… I highly suggest you make this book a bible for yourself.

I highly suggest picking up the book & the Skill With People study guide.

Top 21 Skill With People Take Aways

The Top 21 Takeaway From Skill With People & Network Marketing
Skill With People Book
The Top 21 Take Aways From The Skill With People Book With Les Giblin

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