Social Media Branding

social media branding

There’s nothing clients love more than a well-constructed branding package. Our innovate Social Media Branding packages ensure that prospects looking for you will find you, and more importantly, you’ll find the prospects you’re looking for.

Here’s what the Social Media Branding Package gets you:

  • Be the hero of your own story: You’ll receive a biography written by a professional copywriter that positions you as the person your clients can look to and trust, packaged as an uplifting and emotional journey.
  • Augmenting your social media dominance: You’ll receive custom-made banners for your LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube & Twitter to make an eye-popping impact
  • Homing in on success: Our specialized, self-guided branding questionnaire comes with training materials that give you the ability to identify your ideal prospect and the triggers that draw them to you and your brand – from colors, fonts and images to personality types.
  • A private consultation: You’ll get a 2-hour private consultation call to discuss your brand and kickstart your journey to success.

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