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The Pinnacle Program: The Apex of LinkedIn Leads Plans

Have you been clicking through our website thinking, “Okay, so where do I find the best way to generate LinkedIn leads?” If you’re the type who likes to go premium, you’re in the right place. Your search is over now, and your journey begins. Welcome to The Pinnacle Program.

The name says it all: The Pinnacle Program is, well, the pinnacle of our LinkedIn Leads plans. It offers fantastic bang for your buck; you’ll make back a lot of your investment just by starting! Here’s what a 3-month period using the Pinnacle Program will give you:

  • 140+ engaged leads,
  • Up to thousands of connected leads.
  • Social Media Branding is included for FREE, meaning you save $1000’s!
  • Automatic follow-up tool and CRM, letting you stay on top of all the new leads you get
  • Targeted teaching on how to maximize relationships fast

The Pinnacle Program is the deluxe edition of LinkedIn coaching: You get both the education and materials you need to make business easy. Don’t miss out; sign up and start generating LinkedIn leads today!



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