The Elite Program

LinkedIn Leads

So you’re ready to get started generating LinkedIn Leads, but not as a beginner. You’re already a successful leader, yet not quite ready to go full premium.

You want the mid-card slot: the benefits of the premium program at a slightly smaller scale, without the growing pains of a beginner program. Here’s the program for you, then: The Elite Program. As our middle-tier program, signing up will get you:

  • 90+ engaged leads,
  • Up to thousands of connected leads.
  • Social Media Branding is included for FREE, meaning you save $1000’s!
  • Automatic follow-up tool and CRM, letting you stay on top of all the new leads you get
  • Targeted teaching on how to maximize relationships fast

With The Elite Program, you’ll generate the second-highest amount of LinkedIn Leads, behind only the premium Pinnacle Program. Let’s get started!

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