Recruiting in network marketing doesn’t have to be so hard. It’s like an illusive animal for most representatives that call network marketing or mlm home.

The good thing is, network marketing recruiting doesn’t have to be so hard. It does have a process by which works & if you follow it, you are destined to have magical success.

recruiting in network marketing
What If Recruiting In Network Marketing Was Like A Machine

Like most things in business or life, there is a simple process to follow. The problem is, most people have no idea what that process is. This is why most network marketers get so frustrated & quit the business.

I’ve put this process together I call the machine. I break it down in this video & will also share with you a detailed version of every step because I want you to make recruiting in network marketing easier. Start by watching the full video directly below.

Recruiting In Network Marketing Is Like A Machine

When you started your career as a network marketer, you got a booklet, a how-to step-by-step journey on exactly what to do at every juncture to make recruiting in network marketing easy, right?

A little facetious, don’t you say?

Maybe you got started perfectly but I didn’t. I had to discover this process over a 14 year journey and it surely wasn’t a simple one. The cool thing for you is, you get to learn what I did the easy way.

recruiting in network marketing
There Are 8 Steps To Mastery In Network Marketing Recruiting

These 8 steps that I follow on every single phone call will guarantee your success. Follow them and teach your team to do the same thing. Let’s dig in!

1. Recruiting In Network Marketing | Use The Phone

This is why. Even though you think your product & company is the best in the world, your prospect doesn’t care. In fact, the prospect really doesn’t care about your products.

Listen, if you’re going to have success in recruiting in network marketing, you’ve got to pick up the phone. You can’t build this business big on social media alone. Simply put, it’s not possible.

At least until they buy you first. People buy from people long before they buy a product. It is factually impossible for people to buy you if you’re only behind a text message.

recruiting in network marketing
You Must Make The Call To Make Recruiting In Network Marketing Simple

A text message has no excitement or emotion. It’s like a robot. They are just words. Words lead to thinking analytically when we buy emotionally. If you don’t make phone calls, you will not succeed in recruiting for network marketing.

There are 2 resources that would help you greatly when using the phone that we will not talk about in the 8 steps. You will have objections that come up & you’ll have to leave some kind of voicemails.

There are 24 different network marketing objections you’ll face & I have 14 different voicemails that you’ll absolutely love. Oh yeah, you’ll get scripts too. You can click on the appropriate links above to get value on those 2 topics.

2. Recruiting In Network Marketing | Build Rapport By Tying Knots

Building rapport is so incredibly important when recruiting in network marketing. It may be the most important thing you ever attempt to master. Rapport will help you in so many parts of your life.

Not only is rapport building important, it may be the only thing you need to become excellent at in order to be a great recruiter in network marketing. Awhile back, I produced a video on the 7 steps to create rapport each time you get on the phone.

The video is right here & I highly encourage you to watch it over and over to get good at recruiting in network marketing.

How To Create Trust In 7 Easy Steps To Make Recruiting In Network Marketing Easy

I really want to to fully watch the video above as it will help you understand the power of rapport. I’m going to articulate building rapport to support recruiting in network marketing inside these words.

Think of rapport as likability. If we want others to buy from us & join our team, we must become likable. If you recall from above, people buy from people, not business or products.

Now the question becomes, how do you become likable to people that you don’t know or those that you do know?

We understand people. This is a great time to tell you about the book Skill With People. I wrote a blog post where I reviewed the 15 different skills with people & related it to network marketing. You should take a peek.

Building Rapport Is The Magic Of Recruiting In Network Marketing

People want to know 2 things in order for them to like you. They want to know they have something in common with you because we all like those who are like us.

They also want to know exactly how they are like you. Let me explain.

It’s not enough to say, yes, I’m from Memphis too! You’ve got to tie that knot tight & dive deeper into the Memphis subject. I call this incredible idea, tying knots.

The more knots you tie, the deeper the rapport becomes. The deeper the likability & rapport becomes, the more likely it is they will buy from you. When you combine the final 6 skills of recruiting in network marketing to likability, you have magic.

Your job is to find commonalities by asking questions & then link them to yourself or someone you know. When you accomplish that once, you have tied a knot.

Your objective is to tie 3 knots in every conversation. When 3 knots have been tied, you have accomplished likability officially. Your prospect now believes they are like you & the chances of them joining you has sky-rocketed! Follow the video above.

3. Recruiting In Network Marketing | Setting The Stage

Once you have successfully built rapport & created likability with your prospect, it is time to set the stage for success. If you don’t do this step, the likelihood you’ll be successful in network marketing recruiting diminishes 10-fold.

Can success still happen? Yes, but it’s like playing rush & roulette. I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want to have my business & family playing on LUCK.

recruiting in network marketing
If You Want To Win With Recruiting In Network Marketing, You Must Set The Stage

Instead, secure your recruiting in network marketing by setting yourself up to win. This step will ensure that you don’t get a million questions at the end of your “pitch”. Instead of telling you theory, I’ll share with you my exact script.

Hey FirstName,

We have had an amazing conversation! I’ve got a zoom call (some excuse) coming up shortly. I have about 3 minutes but can I ask you a really simple question?

Recruiting In Network Marketing – Setting The Stage

Come up with an excuse. I don’t truly care what it is for that doesn’t matter. When you give your prospect a reason for you being in a hurry, they will no longer ask you any questions.

When you setup your recruiting process with this “setup” phrase, you’ll immediately stop any questions from coming from your prospect as long as you pick up your speed & tone.

This is less about the words & more about your energy. You’ve got to become the message of being busy. Everything about you needs to scream busy. The words are only 7% of that communication.

4. Recruiting In Network Marketing | Asking The Question

You now have the prospect where you want them. They believe you are super busy & are awaiting your question intently. They are paying attention to you because they understand that you’ve got to run.

It’s time to ask your question with posture. It’s not enough just to ask the question. You’re a millionaire. Ask your question like your life depended on it & recruiting in network marketing becomes easy.

recruiting in network marketing
It’s Pivotal To Ask The Question When Recruiting In Network Marketing

Here is my generic recruiting script.


(Compliment) I really love your energy & your past success. (Be as specific as possible)

Congrats on that. I’m working with some incredible entrepreneurs across the world. You’re a professional.

Do you keep your options open to other streams of income if they fit well into your life?

Recruiting In Network Marketing – Asking The Question

Who wouldn’t say yes to other streams of income that fit will into their life? It works well but remember the prospect buys you, not your company. You need to be postured & likable.

If you’re getting a lot of no’s, it’s because you have developed enough posture & your prospect is not buying you. Work on you to increase your recruiting in network marketing.

5. Recruiting In Network Marketing | Setting Up Your Presentation

It doesn’t matter how good your presentation is, if you don’t setup your presentation properly, your recruiting in network marketing will fail. Your success depends on your ability to get your prospect to excitably want to see the presentation.

It’s not about your presentation. A good recruiter in network marketing will far outperform other reps even if they don’t have a presentation. The reason is, they understand how to setup their prospect properly.

Always remember that your prospect is buying you & nobody else. Once they have fully purchased you emotionally, then your company is just validation.

recruiting in network marketing
Setting Up Your Presentation To Have Your Prospect Running To See It

When setting your prospect up to see the presentation that you offer, remember that facts will not get your prospect excited. Positioning your presentation properly is about “selling the sizzle.”

It’s not about your product, the testimonials or all the reasons you love the company. The facts do nothing to get your prospect to see your presentation in a good light.

Sell the sizzle, the excitement. This should last no longer than 2 minutes. Tell them what they will see without boring facts, company names or vomiting on your prospect. Simply share the absolute excitement that they are going to experience.

It doesn’t matter how long the presentation is either. I have a 2nd exposure presentation that is over 2 hours long that gets watched about 90% of time because of the setup. Don’t let your prospects logical brain take over.

6. Recruiting In Network Marketing | The BAMFAM

recruiting in network marketing
BAMFAM Is The Key That Unlocks Greatness In Network Marketing

The only reason for you to have the first meeting with any person is to have the 2nd meeting. Even if they sign up, you’ll want to BAMFAM them to the next appointment.

That begs the answer to this question, what is a BAMFAM?

It stands for “booking a meeting from a meeting”. On every single meeting you have, you want to schedule the next meeting BEFORE you get off the phone. That is only IF you’d like to talk with them again.

This is how to properly BAMFAM your prospect for network marketing success.

This Is How To Easy Elevate Recruiting In Network Marketing – The BAMFAM

You see, the high likelihood is, you’ll never sign up someone on the first call. This is a for sure. This means you MUST follow up. If you don’t book a follow up call the chances of you getting back on the phone with your prospect is next to zero.

The BAMFAM also gives your prospect a deadline to watch your presentation by. This is incredibly important. We humans do everything by deadline, not just because. By BAMFAM-ing, you’ll triple your video watch rate.

Here is what the BAMFAM looks like in a script.

Rock On!

I’m looking forward to talking with you after you take a look at what we are doing. Let’s get on the calendar again.

I have tomorrow or (the next day) Tuesday available, which would be better for you?

Prospect: Tomorrow

Awesome! Would morning or afternoon work best?

Prospect: Afternoon, I get off work in the AM.

Great, I have 4 or 7. What works best?

Prospect: 7, that allows me to sleep.

Fantastic, I’ll call you at 7 but if something comes up can you please let me know?

Prospect: Absolutely

Recruiting In Network Marketing – The BAMFAM

Always remember that posture is very important in this process. It’s not about the words, it’s about the energy & vibration behind the words that makes recruiting in network marketing really work.

7. Recruiting In Network Marketing | The 3-Way Call

recruiting in network marketing
The 3 Way Call Is The Most Firepower You Have With Recruiting In Network Marketing

After you get done with the call, it’s now time to employ your team. 3-way calls are by far the most under utilized firepower you have in recruiting in network marketing.

If you don’t have a team to help you inside of your company you can create one with sidelines & success team members. There is no reason for you to not use 3-way calls in your business.

The validation you receive with 3 way calls is something you can’t create on your own. It’s simply impossible. The validation process makes recruiting in network marketing an absolute breeze.

8. Recruiting In Network Marketing | Repeat As Needed

recruiting in network marketing
Just Repeat Steps 4 – 8 As Needed To Complete The Recruiting In Network Marketing Process

Yes, you’ve got the recruiting in network marketing process. Remember above I told you this was a machine. This means it will work for you just as well as me.

You’ve just got to work it. You’ve got to take every prospect you ever have through the process. You’ll typically have to take your prospects through the process a few times before they join.

It’s just how the network marketing game works. You’ll have to repeat those steps. Treat these recruiting in network marketing steps as things you absolutely have to do.

Now go share with your team so they can get the same benefit!

The Missing LinkedIn To Success In Network Marketing Recruiting

This 8 step process is incredible and works extremely well for us. I know you’ll have incredible results in your team as well.


What if you don’t have qualified leads to talk to and you’ve been through your warm market? What do you do then?

recruiting in network marketing
You Need Qualified Leads To Make Recruiting In Network Marketing Work

If you want to generate professional leads for your business to make duplication easy & power the above 8 steps, look no further.

What makes us completely different is we do everything for you. That’s right. Up until the phone call, it’s all up to us. This make sure you can spend all of your time talking to people which is what you get paid for!

It is also guaranteed to put your recruiting in network marketing on auto-pilot. You’ll make duplication easy by putting rockstar reps into your company that are already successful.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post on Recruiting In Network Marketing. Please pass on to your team!

With Generosity,

Terry Jay Gremaux


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