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LinkedIn Leads Done-For-You Campaigns

After the 300% over-delivery of leads & absolute superior quality of people I spoke with, I will ALWAYS reccomend the LinkedIn Leads program!

JT Garber

Professional Network Marketer

I was a tough sale but after creating 13k in commissions on a 3.5k investment, I’m SOLD! 

Devorah Leah Siegel

Financial Planner, WFG

In the last 30 years, I’ve created 40+ millionaires.  I’ve tried 100’s of lead programs but NEVER with the ROI of LinkedIn Leads.  Thanks Terry!

Jason Boreyko

Millon Dollar Producer

In a matter of 4 months, I contribute more than $80,000 dollars in revenue to TheLiveNetworker!

Drew Berman

Top Level Coach

With other lead providers, I have no clue what I am getting. With LinkedIn Leads, I know for certain I will double or triple my investment. That is security!

Dan Maher

Insurance Agent, US Health Advisors

I’ve created 4 NEW amazing high paying clients in our first 2 months together! I can’t wait for our next campaign!

Apryl Syed

Strategy Executive Coach

Social Media Branding

You are amazing. I mean, you ask the right questions!  I have never worked with anyone like you.  Thank You So Much!

Monica Varas

Financial Advisor

Holy cow I am excited! lol 

I am in love with 1a & 1b, it is hard to decide. My only thought is 1b looks a little more gender neutral which I understand is something that should be taken into consideration in these current times. This is a hard choice.

I wanted to email you back right away to let you know what direction I want to go in, but I may need to think on it for a minute!!

I will get back to you as soon as I decide


Jessica Saunders

Financial Advisor, New York Life

I’m really excited now!!!  Thank you for taking the time to get this right with me!

Pamela Tucker

Financial Advisor

Meet Your Executive Coach — Apryl Syed

Apryl really helped me get organized and figure out ways I could create more profit. Her network of individuals to assist you in your business are life saving.

Greg Went


Its been fantastic to be working with Apryl to have a structure to execute against and understand what is most important in developing a start-up.

Steven Russell


I’ve worked with Apryl for over ten years and I honestly can’t express enough her impact on my career and life. Her relentless customer focus and passion and ever-present curiosity enable her to be successful in a broad swath of roles across the organization.

Alicia Anderson


I have already recommended working with Apryl to other women in leadership, and will continue to do so. I cannot recommend her more highly, and only wish I would have met Apryl sooner!

Melisssa McMillan


Apryl has helped me with navigating through difficult situations in my professional life by introducing techniques that have changed my perspectives. This has helped me redefine my self-worth, transforming my professional life.

Jassy Jackson


Apryl walks the walk and I am doing just that. The techniques she uses work immediately. I’ve never felt so confident in my life. Apryl’s skill sets are almost close to a miracle. I would give her a million stars if I could.



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