LinkedIn Leads For Professionals

As you’ll see, each pricing plan comes with the exact same metrics.  The big difference is the cost per lead & the number of leads you’ll receive!  Pinnacle is our most common package because it’s the one that gives you the most bang for your buck!

What you Get by Enrolling

Our goal at The Live Networker is to make business easy for YOU.  We want you to be more effective & have your work OPTIMIZED for youPartnering with The Live Networker insures you will spend 100% of your time making money.

Social Media Branding

Branding is the crux of everything we do at The Live Networker. A good branding package speaks to the client. Our branding ensures that you minimize time wastage on finding clients, because your ideal clients will find you.

Calendar Booked Leads

Our ultimate goal is for you to spend your precious time making money & presenting.  This allows you to impact more people in less time.  We will use our time to book qualified prospects on your calendar; all you have to do is just show up!

Automated Follow-Up

I don’t want you spending your precious time following up with LinkedIn leads that haven’t booked on your calendar.  This is our job.  We have a systematic process for automated follow up.  We make business EASY.

Guaranteed Leads

All of our LinkedIn Leads for Professionals plans come with “Guaranteed Leads” You are guaranteed that specific number of leads from LinkedIn in your campaign that you can count on. You can only generate a higher number than that.

The Maximizer

Leads from LinkedIn are only half the battle.  Our objective is to help you build AUTHENTIC real relationships, quickly.  The maximizer will be your secret weapon that your competitors can’t compete with!

Unlimited Coaching

You read that correctly.  You’ll have the ability to have private coaching calls with Terry Jay Gremaux.  Just to let you know, this is a 5k value minimally.  He doesn’t allow anyone to pay him anymore for coaching!

A Partnership

We view you & us as a partnership.  If we can’t see you being a part of LinkedIn leads two years from now, let’s not do business.  Ultimately, if you pull your weight & we do what we promise, you’ll never want to let us go.

Our Love

We believe that love & care is so important in the world we live in today.  At The Live Networker, we adhere to a strict standard on how we treat our prospects & clients.  We desire to be a part of your life, not just a service!


Linked With Generosity isn’t just a saying here at The Live Networker, it’s a way of life.  Everything we teach & how we treat YOU is “linked with generosity” through & through.  Join us today & you’ll feel generosity!

LinkedIn Leads

Making Business Easy

The art of combining authentic relationship building with the power of LinkedIn is upon you.  Remember, when you enroll with LinkedIn Leads, we make business easy for you!


If you don’t get your questions answered here, click the little circle in the bottom right of the screen to chat with our customer care specialist.

What is the difference between a connected lead & an engaged lead?

Connected leads are a HUGE bonus for you.  They are a prospect that hasn’t responded to us on your behalf.  They are inside of your niche & we have a phone number for you to call. 

Engaged leads are prospects that have responded back with their phone number & are excited to talk with you.   

What is your definition of a guaranteed lead?

A guaranteed lead is a prospect in your niche that has responded back saying they would love to have a mutually beneficial conversation.  We then file them as your “lead” & send them your calendar link.

Do you offer monthly payments?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer monthly payments.  We do all our plans in quarterly (3 months) installments.  We do however offer discounts for annual plans – a whopping 10% off, allowing you to save over $1000 in some cases. We’d love to help you further – just ask if you need more details!

What is your messaging sequence?

Great question.  We use a 3-message structure tested over the last 8 years.  The first message is thanking them for connecting & asking if they would like to have a “mutually beneficial conversation”.  Remember, everything we do is linked with generosity.

The 2nd message is gathering their phone number & finally, we send them your calendar link so they can book a convenient time to call you right on your calendar.  And that’s that! You’ve got a lead lined up and in place.

What do I receive with Social Media Branding?

Our innovative Social Media Branding packages will ensure that you have a dominant presence on LinkedIn and social media.You’ll receive

– A biography written by a professional copywriter that positions you as the person your clients can look to and trust, packaged as an uplifting and emotional journey.
– Custom-made banners for your LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube & Twitter to make an eye-popping impact on social media.
– A specialized, self-guided branding questionnaire that gives you the ability to identify your ideal prospect and the triggers that draw them to you and your brand – from colours, fonts and images to personality types.
– A 2-hour private consultation call to discuss your brand and kickstart your journey to success.

All these materials are tailor-made to ensure that not only are customers looking for you able to find you, but you’re also able to  find customers that you’re looking for. Social media branding is the crux of our program.






Is there a contract or agreement?

Yes!  There is a 90-day agreement or contract.  Then, it is your choice if you’d like to continue.  Like I always say, give us 1% trust & we will prove the other 99% to you.

At the Live Networker, we adhere to a high standard on your happiness and satisfaction. That’s why we work so hard to match up so you’ll want to keep going!

What is the timeline before I get my first lead?

Your first order of business is to complete social media branding.  We can complete our work in approximately 9 days. 

Our average client takes about 3 – 4 weeks to complete social media branding, after which lead generation immediately begins.

What do I say on my calls?

Once you become an official LinkedIn Leads member, you’ll have access to an incredible membership site to answer all these questions. 

If you have have specific questions during your campaign, we are right there by your side to answer you privately.

Do I give you my actual password to my LinkedIn account?

No, that’s the cool part.  You give us access to your LinkedIn account through a secure password application called LastPass.  This allows you to always be in control & never give your password.

Do I need to have a premium LinkedIn account?

No, you don’t have to.  We highly suggest you to have a “sales” premium account with our Elite & Pinnacle plans.  We are able to reach out to your “profile views” to create more leads for you.  Premium also gives us more searches to work with.

Do guaranteed leads come from my current connections or just new LinkedIn leads?

This is completely your choice.  We recommend you to have us go through your current connections because they are very viable leads on LinkedIn.  Typically they are not followed up with properly.

If you choose, you can have all your leads on LinkedIn just come from our new connections.  We give you the right to choose!

What makes The Live Networker different?

We love this question.  We are not a lead generation company.  The result of being in our LinkedIn Leads program is finding leads from LinkedIn.  

We never sell leads ever.  Our focus is on your results, not selling leads over and over.  That is why social media branding is the crux of the program & our coaching is free.

At the end of the day, what makes us different is that we care.  Your success drives us, not your pocketbook. #LinkedWithGenerosity

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