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In today’s blog post, I’m going to share some network marketing tips for beginners so that you guys who are just starting out can learn how to succeed in network marketing fast.

Maybe you’ve worked for a couple of MLM companies before, and now you’re thinking about building up your MLM organization and achieve the network marketing success you’ve dreamed of.

Be forewarned – this blog post has info on Ariix, my company, and Ariix products. This is only to make sure you have a standard to compare your own MLM organization with.

With this measuring stick, you’ll have as easy a path as possible to network marketing success.

Define Network Marketing Success

Plenty of you who are reading this might be frustrated by a lack of network marketing success in your MLM company. One of the most important tips for network marketing success is: stop comparing yourself to other network marketers.

You’ve had a different life and different experiences from other people. You’re on your own time. Stop being hung up on other people’s network marketing success or you’ll wind up a failure.

network marketing tips for beginners

I want you to pause a bit right now and write down what you think network marketing success is. Is it

  • freedom from the boring routine of a 9-to-5 job?
  • being able to go on vacation every year with your family?
  • making millions of dollars?
  • getting that company car or free trip?
  • helping more people who’ve signed on for your MLM organization?
  • to be so good at what you do that you, too, at some point can share your own network marketing tips for beginners?

I want you to write down whatever you think network marketing success means, so that you have a clearly defined goal in mind.

Network marketing success means something different to each and every network marketer. To some people, it means having excellent results with their products.

To others, the goal is financial: making a certain amount of money equates to network marketing success. Regardless, these network marketing tips for beginners are tailor-made to help you achieve your own specific goal.

The Mistakes Most MLMers Make | MLM Organization

Among the biggest mistakes most MLMers make that holds them back from network marketing success is that they start off too fast. Allow me to explain…

Let’s suppose you’re trying to start up your MLM organization. If you pitch how to make money to your warm market, their first thought will be that you’re scamming them.

network marketing tips for beginners

After all, they’ve never heard about something like that from you before.

You’re most likely not a businessperson or entrepreneur. Hence, you’ve probably worked for someone else your entire life.

This does not mean that network marketing success is an impossibility. That’s the entire purpose of this blog post: sharing network marketing tips for beginners that translate into a well-built MLM organization for you, leading to network marketing success.

Like I said before, one of the most important network marketing tips for beginners is to stop comparing yourself to others. Instead, define what network marketing success means to you and you alone.

Have your own vision of what you want to achieve with your MLM organization before you even start. Thus, you’ll have a clearly defined goal in mind.

You’ll be able to tell your sponsor that your goal is to

  • make X dollars per year or…
  • win that company car or trip or X amount of months or…
  • make your house payment or…
  • earn enough to quit your job by this time next year.

With this plan in mind, you’ll know exactly what you’re aiming for. You won’t be confused about what network marketing success is.

That’s one of the biggest takeaways from this blog post of network marketing tips for beginners. The next part is…

Slow Down to Speed Up With Ariix Products

Pacing yourself is also one of the biggest network marketing tips for beginners. To have network marketing success fast, you actually need to slow down.

network marketing tips for beginners

At its core, the network marketing industry pays us for sharing products with people whom the products would help, like Ariix products. In Ariix, our company, we have four transformational brands that sell like hotcakes.

  1. Slenderiiz: Slenderiiz is one of the most popular Ariix products. It quickens weight loss but maintains nutrition. It reduces hunger, helps digestion, increases metabolism and decreases the risk of regaining the weight.
  2. Jouve: Another one of our best-selling Ariix products, Jouve uses powerful ingredients to remove wrinkles in 90 seconds flat.
  3. Mother-of-All: One of our Ariix products aimed at health-conscious people, MOA is a super-nutritious fruit drink made from superfoods.
  4. Puritii Water Bottles: These Ariix products remove bacteria and pathogens from your water before you drink them, and have saved people in my MLM organization hundreds of dollars.

The same as your MLM company, our job is to distribute these Ariix products.

The issue is, the advice you’ll get from most network marketers is about how to pitch your warm market on how to make money. That’s one of the worst network marketing tips for beginners.

The script probably goes like this:

“Hey John, are you interested in a side project to what you’re doing right now, if it didn’t interfere?”

The problem with this path is that for the average person, it lessens your chances for network marketing success. Your marketplace is suspicious. They don’t think of you as someone who’s helping others make money.

If you go to them and discuss something like these Ariix products I’ve talked about already, network marketing success is more likely. This is because it’s easier to get them interested in what you’re doing if you talk about products like these Ariix products.

They’ll want to learn more, and that makes network marketing success more likely for you. This is also one of my network marketing tips for beginners: get people interested in what you do.

For the first 2-3 weeks, we have to focus on creating a story for our product – same as our Ariix products – so we can have long-term network marketing success. This will convince people that the product really works, because all business have a benefit the consumer gets.

Our goal as an MLM organization is not just to make money and get only our own network marketing success, because telling prospects, “buy this product and you’ll get success,” makes them think ‘scam.’ That’s not conducive to network marketing success.

Making a product story is another one of my network marketing tips for beginners. The story is what convinces them and leads to network marketing success for your MLM organization.

Create Your Story To Build a Big MLM Organization

Like I mentioned above, creating a story is one of the best network marketing tips for beginners. Once you’ve decided what network marketing success means to you, focus on creating a story – for example, with Ariix products.

Each of our Ariix products has a story, depending on what you want.

  • To lose weight, pick Slenderiiz.
  • Want great skin? Get Jouve.
  • If you want good nutrition and to prevent brain fog, there’s Mother-of-All.
  • Need clean water while being active? Puritii Water Bottles are your answer.

A customer who tried our Ariix products told me this week that he saved hundreds of dollars the first month because he bought the Purity water bottle. I want you to purchase them, get on whatever brand you’re looking for, and spend a couple of weeks creating a story for them.

That’s your route to network marketing success.

network marketing tips for beginners

A new Ariix distributor and a good friend in my MLM organization, Jonie, recently got on Slenderiiz. She lost eight pounds in her first week, after having struggled to lose weight even after hiring a health coach.

Now she can have network marketing success in her marketplace, because her story about Ariix products goes like this:

“After having struggled to lose weight for so long, I started using Slenderiiz. I lost eight pounds in my first week. It feels great, I don’t get as many cravings, and I’m excited to see how I look next week. Would you like to check out the system I’m using?”

After telling her story, she can just be silent and send her MLM prospect the info. This is how Ariix does network marketing for Ariix products.

So you see, creating a story is one of those network marketing tips for beginners that makes getting network marketing success a breeze.

Network Marking Tips for Beginners

Now I’m going to summarize this blog post on network marketing tips for beginners. Hopefully they help you achieve network marketing success and build up your MLM organization.

  1. Decide what network marketing success means to you.
  2. Do not compare yourself to others.
  3. Create a story for your product, like Jonie did for one of our Ariix products, Slenderiiz.

If you are in Ariix, please don’t go to your marketplace yet. An upcoming blog post will teach you how to script your story most efficiently and thus have a better shot at network marketing success.

If you’re not in Ariix, you can go to your marketplace.  If you’re starting over and have to create a story for your products, put prospecting on hold and do it.

In case you don’t have a good story, like Ariix has for Ariix products, it will be much harder to get network marketing success. Hopefully you got lots of useful stuff from this blog post on network marketing tips for beginners.

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