Network Marketing Success Ι How To Use Linkedln To Network For MLM

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How would you achieve Network Marketing Success by using LinkedIn? This blog post is really gonna help you understand how can you get leads for MLM using LinkedIn.

The reality is that most people have somewhat incorrect information regarding network marketing. For them, a lot of it is hit and trial, and they are uninformed of effective methods for getting Network Marketing Success.

Network Marketing Success depends upon the intensity of follow ups you make to attract people. It usually takes 7-9 touches for a person to get attracted to your company.

This means that in 7-9 interactions you can grab the attention of the person and make leads for MLM. But, what if you still fail to get the focus of the targeted person?

The answer is that your follow up is not strong enough to convince him in any way. So, if you want to achieve Network Marketing Success, pay extra attention to this blog.

How To Use Linkedln To Network For MLM

network marketing success

The way I personally use LinkedIn is different than others. I believe in creating business networking groups.

Now, if you don’t know what a business networking group is let me explain. In networking groups, you join 20 people, and you have 10-20 seconds to brief them about your business.

In return, they provide you referrals.

What I do is to ask people to get on the phone so, I can explain to them about my business. In this blog, I’ll tell you what you need to say.

How to say and how to get the people on the phone for explaining your business with the help of LinkedIn.

By following all the tips I have given in this blog, you would be able to achieve network marketing success.

Following Up Ι Leads For MLM

Top network marketers believe in the fact that they need to have strong and lasting relationships with people. The quality of their relationships is their key focus.

Top network marketers don’t just interact with people and forget about them. They stay there for them and help them wherever needed.

They keep a strong follow-up routine with the people they intend to stay with.

network marketing success

So whenever you connect with people on LinkedIn, initiate a routine for following up on leads for MLM. Let me tell you how I follow up with my connections.

I simply offer them to schedule a phone call so we both could help each other regarding our concerns, or I send them referrals.

The way I follow up

It’s an obvious thing that I don’t get everyone on phone call and send them referrals randomly. It’s pretty easy for me to send referrals or leads for MLM on LinkedIn, but I still choose selective people.

My good treatment convinces them to jump on a phone call with me. I prefer treating people nicely so they feel great after talking to me.

This is how the chances of getting them over the phone call get higher.

Every 4 months, I communicate to my network and ask them for a phone call and this is how I do it:

“Hey (first name) it’s been a while since we connected. I would love to speak to you again. Would you open to be a phone call to see how we can help each other in 2019?

God Bless


That’s how I get them on phone calls a number of times in a year. It becomes possibly only because I treated them nicely in the beginning rather considering them money-making instruments.

If you need leads for mlm and want people to become your customers, just treat them nicely. And remember, a good follow-up routine is the key to network marketing success.

The Mindset Of Top Network Marketers

Top Network marketers actually know that network marketing success can be gained through relationships. That means if you really want to generate leads for your online business then you need to have healthy relationships.

It’s not all about picking random people and approaching them but the focus must be on building up quality relationships.

network marketing success

As your first impression has a lasting effect. So, if can make people understand that you are there for assisting them instead of generating business from them, they’ll trust you and keep connected with you.

Network Marketing Success Ι The Perfect Phone Call

To understand how to achieve network marketing success, the most important thing we need to understand is what to say on the phone and how to say it. To illustrate this, I have made a three steps process:

network marketing success
1- Creating a friend

Rather than talking a lot, I simply put questions before them to take the conversation in the desired direction. For making a friend, people usually don’t know what to talk about.

Let me tell you that you just need to be spontaneous and go with the flow. You don’t need a strong script for making a friend. Just open up to them and let them like you.

2- Diving inner their career

For diving inner into their career, you need to ask them questions about the stuff they are doing and why exactly they are doing it.

3- Telling them my story about my company

I usually take 10 minutes for the above two steps and then I jump to tell them my story for 2-3 minutes. Here is an example of my story:

“I and my wife love to travel the world. We went to Dubai and the Philippines.

We love to travel and for a long time, we were looking for a way where we get to travel and combine that with keeping ourselves healthy with the right nutrition. Because I believe that nutrition is extremely powerful.

network marketing success

It’s the sword of everything we do. Anyway, along came this company which not only had the best nutritional products but whenever we spent money on these nutritional products, we also got to take that same dollar amounts inside the travel wholesale club allowing us to save up to 20% on travel all around the world.

Now I don’t know if you like to travel but, are you open to take a look on what we are doing?”

This is how I engage them by giving them a short view of what I am doing and if they seem to be really interested in creating their own network marketing success, I go for a series of meetings with them. If I find them interested then I ask them about how soon they can watch the video or any information I send them.

Right there, I book another call with them and mark that with the name of the person on my Google calendar so I don’t miss it.

This has been an incredible instrument for me in creating my network marketing success through LinkedIn. I hope you can benefit from it too.

My LinkedIn MLM Scripts

That’s how I just put my scripts for Network Marketing Success

  • My introduction

“Hey (first name) I am so excited to be connected with you. I treat my network here on LinkedIn like a business opportunity group and I am looking forward to send you referrals out of 18000 connections that I have here on LinkedIn. Would you be open for a short call so we can get to see how can we help each other?

God Bless


That’s how I write my introduction and the next one is

  • Follow-up script

“Fantastic! I am so excited to get to speak with you. What’s the best number to reach you?”

Now, the final thing is

  • What would we be speaking about?

Sometimes leads for mlm show concern on what they would be talking about on the call and that’s how I respond to them:

network marketing success

“I don’t have an exact idea of what we’ll be speaking about on the call (first name). But, I simply wanna connect with you so I can help you. Now, what’s the best number to reach you out?”

I use the above 3 common scripts most frequently. These scripts are really helpful for converting leads for MLM into actual customers.

Have Network Marketing Success on Linkedln

Let’s cap it up in this last section of the blog. I treat all my LinkedIn connections like real humans.

My connections are treated in a way so they would have a feeling of getting served rather being taken. I mostly ask about how could I be helpful to them.

network marketing success

I invest my time and energy in them in order to achieve network marketing success. In the end, I just tell them my short story.

This is so important and critical because if you don’t reach out to people for serving them, you won’t get genuine leads for MLM.

You can connect with me for any assistance and I really hope you enjoyed this blog and would use it to create your network marketing success using LinkedIn.

Terry J Gremaux – +1.406.366.9280

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