How To Create A Never-Ending Network Marketing Prospect List

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Some of you think creating a network marketing prospect list is simple when you start your network marketing business. Some of you believe it is incredibly difficult.

This seems crazy that some people think this simple aspect of creating a network marketing prospect list to start your business is hard and others find it to be easy.

In this blog post, I want to share with you how to create a never-ending network marketing prospect list no matter how big your network is. I will lay out 8 specific steps to take every single day to never run out of network marketing prospects.

The Money Is In Your Network Marketing Prospect List

The money inside of network marketing is inside your network marketing prospect list. Some of you have treated your warm market right & have developed a network far & wide. For you, there is no problem finding new network marketing prospects.

Most of you however, like myself, have a burned out warm market & need assistance creating a network marketing prospecting list. I want you to pay very close attention to the 8 steps inside this post.

If you do pay attention to the steps laid out inside this blog post, you will never again have an issue finding network marketing prospects. In fact, a lot of times they are going to come to you.

No matter how big your network is currently or if you have no clue where your next network marketing prospect is coming from, this blog post will solve all of those problems for you.

The Mindset Behind Creating A Network Marketing Prospect List

Before we get into my patented 8 steps of creating constant network marketing prospects, I need to share with you the mindset of connecting & what I focus on to develop this network.

I don’t have my pitch or selling my product as the number 1 thing that I must accomplish in each conversation. Don’t look at every relationship you create as a potential transaction.

Your mindset creates the atmosphere & environment for your prospect to thrive.

Terry Jay Gremaux – Network Marketing Prospect List

If you continue to make this mistake, you will never have a free flowing amount of network marketing prospects. Think about how you feel when being treated like a dollar sign.

Instead, if you get nothing more out of this blog post, look to serve. What can you do for your network marketing prospect that would help them?

1. Find Network Marketing Prospects Using LinkedIn

The first step is fairly simple. You must understand how & where to find a never-ending list of network marketing prospects without heading to the gym or doing the 3-foot rule thing.

Finding a never-ending supply of professional leads is pivotal.

Terry Jay Gremaux – Network Marketing Prospect List

You get to make that choice but if you’d like my take on the Facebook versus LinkedIn debate, go right here.

I believe LinkedIn is by far & away the best place for you to find amazing network marketing prospects that are interested in business. It’s simple to get them on the phone & create relationships with them.

2. Create Network Marketing Prospects Using LinkedIn

At this point in starting to create a never-ending network marketing prospect list, you must understand & learn how to actually create the prospect.

LinkedIn is best. There are no other options if you’d like the best results.

Terry Jay Gremaux – Network Marketing Prospect List

To me, all people on LinkedIn, are people until we have their phone number or we are in communication with them. Once we create offline communication with them, they are now considered a network marketing prospect.

Instead of making this blog post be about LinkedIn for network marketing, head on over to the link below to understand my full process in signing up 2 people each week inside of network marketing.

3. Schedule A Call With Network Marketing Prospects

Now you fully understand where you’re going to find all of your network marketing prospects to build your business. If you don’t, make sure you fully see the information above.

LinkedIn contacts prefer to talk on the phone.

Terry Jay Gremaux – Network Marketing Prospect List

I need you to see that the magic happens outside of the internet or online. You need to understand clearly that if you’re going to create a list of network marketing prospects, you’ve got to connect & create relationships.

I don’t know how to do that over text. It’s absolutely impossible for such a thing to happen. We want to take that conversation offline as soon as possible.

Yes, I’ve got scripts for that. In fact, the button below will take you to the exact LinkedIn mlm scripts that I use to schedule calendar appointments to gain network marketing prospects to talk to.

4. Look To Serve Network Marketing Prospects

Energy is all around you and your phone call with your prospect is no different. It’s very simple. What ever you are focusing on, your prospect is feeling.

This is key. You want to focus on the connection, not on your sale. You want to focus on service, not on your pitch. You want to focus on responding, not on the next words for you to say.

Service creates a dynamic network that serves you.

Terry Jay Gremaux – Network Marketing Prospect List

I always ask my students this…

How does it make you feel when someone treats you like a dollar sign? On the contrary, when people make you feel special because they care & respond, how is that different?

Of course this is some deeper thinking but it will make all the difference in the world to your network marketing prospects. When you’re building a network marketing prospect list that never stops, you must focus on serving.

I always ask myself, what can I do for them? How can I help them? Sometimes it’s a referral & other times it’s a connection that may lead them to a referral.

5. Peek The Interest Of Your Network Marketing Prospects

I understand that the above number 4 focuses on service. This doesn’t mean you’ll never ask your network marketing prospects to check out what you do.

If you want to have the ability to have a YES, you must ask the question.

Terry Jay Gremaux – Network Marketing Prospect List

Almost every conversation I have on the phone turns into an exposure. You just have to focus on service up front. If you focus on the needs of your prospect for the first 10 minutes, it’s very easy to find a way to ask them if they are open.

This is the best way I know how to create magical success while inviting. I call it my machine.

6. Keep In Touch With Network Marketing Prospects

Most network marketers only look at the front end of a sale. This means, after the initial potential sale, it’s over. This is the biggest mistake you could ever make with your network marketing prospects.

Only a handful of the people that you talk to, will you recruit. The majority of the people that you talk to won’t buy from you, at least initially. Your job is to create a never ending flow of network marketing prospects.

It’s not about your timing. It’s about their timing. You just need to be there when the timing becomes right.

Terry Jay Gremaux – Network Marketing Prospect List

You want to roll through your connections every 90 to 120 days. I will go through my connections on LinkedIn sending them my reconnection message & actually relaunch my business every 3 to 6 months.

To explain relaunching your business, I will go through my network marketing prospect list (phone contacts) again like I’m starting my business from scratch.

This way I can keep in touch properly with the rockstar people inside my world.

7. Save Network Marketing Prospects In Your Phone

We help other business owners create leads themselves from LinkedIn. Not just leads but targeted network marketing prospects. The biggest mistake I ever see is not saving the info inside their phone.

You have no reason to complain about building a network marketing prospect list if you don’t collect the numbers from the great people you’re talking to.

Don’t waste contacts. You have no idea what will happen in the future.

Terry Jay Gremaux – Network Marketing Prospect List

It’s a process. You do all of the steps above & then you save each number inside your phone so you never have to worry about a prospect list again.

Think about if you have to head on to another company. I hope you don’t but now you’ll literally have thousands of people to call when you launch. Your problem of not having enough network marketing prospects should be completely gone.

8. Stay Consistent With Network Marketing Prospects

Don’t take the shortcut. The shortcut of building a strong network to get anything in life accomplished is doing the steps outlined inside this blog post.

Consistency trumps talent every time.

Terry Jay Gremaux – Network Marketing Prospect List

If you build a network properly, you will never have to want yourself seeking network marketing prospects. We find the biggest issue or problem that network marketers run into is time.

You have family, work & other activities that you’re involved in. The problem is, you want to build your network but time continues to hold you back.

We have solved this problem to give you high-level network marketing prospects to your doorstep without you having to learn or struggle to put the new activities into your daily routine.

Stop struggling to generate high quality prospects. Let professionals help you go faster.

Terry Jay Gremaux – Network Marketing Prospect List

Go here if you’re open to learning how we can help you go 10X faster in your business whether you’re just getting started or you find yourself a high earner and don’t have time to prospect yourself.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post about creating a never-ending supply of amazing network marketing prospects on your network marketing prospect list.

Terry J Gremaux +1.406.366.9280

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