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mlm top earners
mlm top earners

First off, let me start off by telling you that I am not a MLM top earners but I have recruited over 500 reps in this great industry.  Nothing happens overnight but in the midst of life, a couple years is over-night success.

It’s asinine.  People will walk up to me and tell me, how’d you do it overnight.  Like you’re one of the big mlm earners now and it seems like you just bursted on to the scene months ago.  It makes me want to punch something because you weren’t there all those long nights for 7 years that I failed miserably.

mlm top earners

In this post, I’ll share with you what special factors have changed me into the person I am today.  These facets have created a man with the attributes of the top earners in mlm & that is my biggest accomplishment.  I believe if you put in the work that I feature in this blog post that you’ll join the elite mlm top earners club at some point.

It’s never the magical destination on top of the world that is worth all that misery.  It’s humbly peeking down at the person you’ve become in the process of becoming a mlm top earner.  The person you’ve become in every area of your life will rival any amazing person you know today.  Without it, you can’t win at a high level!

MLM Top Earners Have A Set Daily Routine

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The EXACT Daily Routine That Caused Me To Recruit 300 Plus New Reps & 10X My Income

I know you’ll really enjoy that significantly!  Getting into the daily routine of a top earner is difficult to understand.  It’s funny.  Most believe it’s a strategy or technique that I’ll start with.  I don’t know a top earner that will tell you anything different that the way you think.

It’s how you think that makes all the difference in the world.  Do you look at the glass as half full or half empty.  Do you think of how you can make something happen or why it won’t work?

This is the #1 reason why most top earners in mlm are top earners.  But thinking doesn’t just happen.  Thinking is like a muscle.  You’ve got to work on it and make it part of your routine on a day to day basis.  MLM top earners will listen to something like…

Earl Nightengale’s – The Strangest Secret In The World

mlm top earners
What is your routine? What do you do daily?

I know for me, I’ve made it a habit to spend 31:27 on me every morning.  Now, today I happen to be sitting in Las Vegas by the pool.  Because of this, I listened later in the day.  Thinking positively and always working on becoming better is a habit you must become great at.

My advice for you, if you want to become a top earner in network marketing, is to listen for 30 days straight.  It takes 30 days to create a habit and by then, you’ll learn how to think positive at all times.  Understanding that what you think about you’ll become will significantly help you consistently become better every day.

Add this to your daily routine if you want to have any chance of becoming a top earner in network marketing.  Now on to the business end.

MLM Top Earners | Finding Reps To Join Your Business

Of course, as network marketers we need to know how to generate people to talk to.  I wrote a killer blog post, if I can say so myself about he 17 places to find new reps for you mlm business.  I suggest taking a look below.

Network Marketing Recruiting | 17 Places To Find Future MLM Distributers

mlm top earners
You must have gobs of people to talk to… Or you will lose!

Needless to say, people to talk to is a must-have.  MLM top earners understand that you must have a ton of people to talk to.  You must have multiple sources and become increasingly aware of how to talk to more people about your mlm business.

This game of network marketing (like any business) comes down to traffic and conversion.

  1. How many people do you get to look at your presentation?
  2. How good are you converting those presentations into customers & reps?

You have no other job as a network marketer.  The top earners in MLM understand this very clear point and only focus on those 2 points.  If you don’t have mlm leads, it’s like having a store with nothing on the shelves.  Like having a gas station without gas.  In lighter terms, you have no business.

I spoke on stage this weekend at a cool network marketing event here in Vegas.  It was interesting what was talked about on stage.  It was clearly that the only strategy you need to understand to be a mlm top earner was to talk to a lot of people & learn to convert at a higher level.

We, as humans, love to over complicate everything we do.  It inherently allows us to think we’re smarter than we actually are.  You’ve go to understand that simple wins in business EVERY SINGLE TIME.  Complicated only works when you’re getting judged on intelligence.  But in network marketing, we get judged on results.  Keep it simple stupid &…

Know Your Numbers As A Network Marketer

As I was listening to the top network marketing earners, I noticed 1 major similarity that you absolutely need to know about.  In fact, this 1 little simple tactic may separate you and have you reaching your goals instead of falling short.

To do this, you need to understand any business.  Let’s take McDonalds for instance.  There are 2 metrics at any location that they know & attempt to increase daily.

  1. How much traffic comes in the door?
  2. How much per person do they make?

See, they will be able to determine their income in a heart beat because they know their numbers.  They know, on average, how many people come through the door and how much they make on each sale.

The question is, do you?  Do you know how many reps you enroll per exposure?  Do you know many dollars per sale you average?

If you need to make 5k/month to quit your job, then how many exposures per day will you need in order to hit that amount of money?

It’s a simple math problem at this point.  This should be something you can ask any mlm top earner in your company so you know the metrics you need to hit.

  1. How many dollars per sale do you average?
  2. How many exposures does it take to make a sale?
  3. How do you increase the dollar amount per exposure?
mlm top earners
Write out a business plan to have a chance to win. With not target, how do you hit?

Now, we’re talking about a business.  A real math problem that is easy.  Let’s say you average $40/sale and it takes you 10 exposures to make a sale.

These are not good numbers, but know I can see exactly what I need to do, in order to quit my job.  If you’re smart, you need to start tracking your numbers for several reasons.

This will give you a starting point.  It will give you a metric to give your team mates to see them exceed faster, harder & easier.  As you get better, your commissionable dollars should rise per sign-up.  This will allow you as a network marketer to easily run a real business.


  1. How many calls does it take to create an exposure?
  2. How many exposures to make a sale?
  3. How many dollars per sale?
  4. How much money do you wanna make?
mlm top earners
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It’s a simple business plan now.  Traffic and converting the traffic we send to our presentation.  Now, you only have to focus on 3 key parts to create the lifestyle of your dreams!

This concludes my post today on mlm top earners daily routine & some insight on how to run a real business!  If you haven’t yet…  Grab this webinar, I think it will really help you out!

The EXACT Daily Routine That Caused Me To Recruit 300 Plus New Reps & 10X My Income

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