MLM Leads | 7 MLM Recruiting Tricks Keep You Ahead Of The Pack

Terry Gremaux here for my first blog post on leads for MLM with my new brand called “The Live Networker” to create network marketing success with effective MLM recruiting. We’ll get more into the reasons “why the change” later in this blog post.

If you keep reading, you’ll discover how to recruit more of your leads for MLM, some network marketing tips to keep cash in your pockets, plus even how to make MLM industry work for you.

You may check out my about page to see my full story.

With so many ways to recruit more leads for MLM, how do you know which is best to create network marketing success? 

If you ask me, I firmly believe it has much to do with your personality. If you are not comfortable when talking to people, well, then you may want to get into home-based MLM recruiting and focus on social media to generate leads for MLM.

That’s my #1 tip among other network marketing tips.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even Instagram are very powerful strategies to use when promoting your opportunity and company.

If you love people face to face, the question of “how to recruit people in network marketing” (your company) becomes a lot simpler. You can find people anywhere on the planet and recruit them into your MLM Organisation.

mlm leads

Eric Worre over at Network Marketing Pro made this cool video on how to never run out of prospects. If you love being around people, this here may be something you really like. Enjoy watching these network marketing tips on YouTube!

This video will help you immensely in stepping up your MLM recruiting game.

After all, your network marketing success depends on your prospects.

Before we get into the 7 ways to easily find people to recruit into your business, let’s talk about your #1 job as a network marketer.


Qualifying People For Your Time

Qualifying leads for MLM can either create network marketing success or become a HUGE time waste. If you don’t discover this quickly in your network marketing journey, it’s likely that you might quit on your dreams.

mlm leads

I don’t care where you get leads for MLM to boost your business. You must qualify your leads (people to talk to) for your time.

This is the most important MLM recruiting strategy you’ll ever come across.

When I first talk with you (if you were a prospect), you have about 90 seconds. From the first word you say, I’m judging you, your character and if I want to work with you for the long-term.

My initial job is to see if you’re worth the investment of time and if you’re a good fit for what we do.

Here, I put a few tips on video for you about leads for MLM & qualifying them for your time. CLICK HERE to see it & make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel while you’re at it!

NOT whether or not I can close you!

For network marketing success, I am looking for things like …

mlm leads

Is your energy high?

Are you negative?

How do you talk about leads for MLM and network marketing?

Do you like the MLM industry?

Do you have a burning desire to succeed?

Is your “want-to” high enough?

Do you like the products that my company offers (I always ask “Are you health conscious?”)

Are you snappy or have an attitude?

Are you rude at all?

You get to work with EXACTLY who YOU want to. You get to decide! Most people act as if they have no choice.

Decide if you want to work with your prospect(s) for the long-term immediately and get off the phone if they’re not someone who you’d love to hang with, spend time with and travel with.

A Great Resource About Network Marketing Success From My First Mentor – Ray Higdon

One of my first mentors, Ray Higdon, first taught me this way back when I first got started. In fact, he wrote a blog post on The Power of Qualifying. CLICK HERE to see it.

mlm leads

If you don’t know his foreclosure story, he was in foreclosure in 8 properties and he went through 20 numbers a day to create $40,000 a month in 7 months. Crazy!

Some of you are completely SCARED to tell someone NO. Not only that, you’re scared you might hurt their feelings.

Ray Higdon’s biggest life lessons he’s ever taught me is on YouTube for you to see — This video should benefit you greatly.

Think About This Thought

You’re standing on the golden gate bridge at the apex. It’s a bright, beautiful, and amazing day.

You’re simply almost in a meditative state and a crazy man walks by.

He says, JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! He has no gun and certainly no way of “making” you jump. Yet, shockingly, you stand on the edge (knowing you’re ending your life) and you jump to your…

Seriously, you’re thinking… TERRY, this is nuts! Yet, most people do this in their business daily.

They allow prospects’ feelings to dictate what they do and how they do it. That’s one of the reasons successful leads for MLM don’t come their way!

When you’re on the phone with someone unqualified…

Simply tell them “You don’t qualify to work with us” and get off the phone immediately. It’s easy – I promise! Once again, this is one of the most effective ways to generate successful leads for MLM.

You choose your prospects like a CEO hiring an employee for a business.

How To Recruit Network Marketers… Easily

mlm leads

Recruiting other network marketers can be very advantageous and profitable for your network marketing business. (cuz’ they already know the game you’re playing)

One of the most important network marketing tips: you must persuade network marketers correctly. You don’t paint their company in a horrible spot and point out all of the flaws of the other company(s).

That will just make you seem like a jerk.

In my strategy to generate leads for MLM, I will tell them flat out, “If you’re happy with your current company don’t move a muscle and continue with your current company. But if you’re not, it’s time to do what’s best for you!”

A current network marketer may be hungry for leadership, lead generation or products. Can you help them with that?

They may be struggling to find people to talk to (agh! painful) or a previous network marketing leader may have just left for another opportunity. Heck, they may just want network marketing success just like you!

mlm leads

Become a friend to them and simply ask a few questions to see if you can be of service. This means you’re solving a problem they have.

If they are unhappy, they will tell you and then you can let them know why your company would be a good fit for them.

MLM Leads Strategies For Network Marketing Success

One terrific way to get a lot of automated leads for MLM is here — Enjoy this post!

Let me take you on a journey.

Say you’re driving down a busy highway and get a flat tire. Next, you pull over to look for a spare and find nothing! Almost instantly, you notice you have no spare and you’ve got to get to work in 20 minutes or you’re fired.

You find yourself stranded at a Shell gas station wondering what move to make next.

The way I see it, you have a couple of choices…

  1. You could get in another ride (taxi or Uber) and get to work on time.
  2. Or you could be a tough stubborn, stay with your car and take the “likely” chances of you getting fired.

MLM Recruiting is the same

mlm leads
Most network marketers have a flat tire with leadership, company ethics, needing a fresh start, etc.

They’ve already got a car but they need right network marketing tips and need to learn the best way to recruit people to succeed. Be their ride. Be their Uber.

If you can show them how to succeed easier, better and more fun with your ride…

They will want to join you in a heartbeat. But beating them over the head about how horrible their ride is will not make them want to work with you.

What value are you bringing to their life? To cut the crap, approach leads for MLM with a humble and serving heart, and you will achieve success every time. Simple!

I shot a cool video on the 4 network marketing tips to recruit other leads for MLM with integrity. I think it will help you out so here you go!

At the end of the day, what do you want from your home-based business?

mlm leads

Network marketing success gives you fun, freedom, and fulfillment. Nowhere in that statement did I mention anything about the name of a company.

All you want is the result. You could care less where it comes from, right?

You can be that change for other network marketers who have flat tires and need changes.

Just please don’t do it the wrong way and look foolish. It makes network marketing success even harder for everyone in the industry!

mlm leads
Every networker that I ever talk to (that hasn’t made it) always talks about the “easy road”, ground floor opportunities & “no recruiting” type of companies.

Get that “easy” word out of your vocabulary. One of the biggest network marketing recruiting tips I can give you is all about mindset.

One of the biggest problems with “easy” or “free”, is the type of person it tends to attract. Great people in and out of this industry, has nothing to do with “easy”.

They know that anything worthwhile takes time and they also understand that “easy & free” means that anyone can do it.

Why Your Language Matters in MLM Recruiting

Language attracts less than desirable traits, therefore, you’ll need to use language that attracts the quality of the person you desire.

Don’t use words like:


Ground floor

No recruiting

Super easy

All these words create an image opposite of work ethic and will never bring you network marketing success. You’ll be attracting people who want something for free and when they don’t make money the first day…

They will quit your team. Remember, this will be work to create network marketing success that pays your family long after you’re gone from this world.

Building a big organization is not going to be easy. Simple … but not easy.

What Do You Do When You Lose The Motivation?

Within the journey which is the success in network marketing, sometimes, the motivation gets knocked out of us. You just want to be successful, don’t you?

Sometimes we all feel LESS than motivated. We feel like we just want to crawl in a hole and be forgotten. We just “for a second” want to forget this industry ever existed.

That’s when you need some motivation. Here’s one of my favorite dudes to listen to, he’s kind of famous too!

Check out one of my favorite motivational films of all time. This short video really depicts what life is about and exactly how to get exactly what you want in life!

It’s from Will Smith (yes, the actor). For MLM recruiting companies and ultimate success, click here to get inspired!

Leads are the life-blood of your business, we all know that but don’t you dare fall into the trap that most unsuspecting amateur network marketers fall victim to.

mlm leads

Have you heard this phrase, “Anyone who fogs up a mirror is an MLM lead”?

Would that mean that dogs, too, are potential leads for MLM?

No, they aren’t. If you’re in skin care, anyone with skin IS NOT a prospect of yours! A lead or prospect is someone who shows interest in what you have to offer.

I’ve talked about this previously, but you need to understand who your perfect prospect really is. Here is a short cheat sheet to help you out.

Energy that lifts you up

Loves your product


Has “want to” or “drive”

Knows what they want

Has at least $300 in disposable income

You want to be around them


The person I look for has 1 or most of the above qualities. If you don’t qualify then you’re not an “MLM lead” or a prospect to me.

If you want more MLM success and to learn precisely what success if for you. I shot a cool video for you that you’ll probably like!

So, the logical question is…

Where To Find Leads for MLM

mlm leads

There are several ways to generate leads to create network marketing success and new people to talk to for your network marketing business. Facebook happens to be an important social media platform to generate leads. (You can follow me here).

I want to give you several ways to generate more leads for MLM on Facebook because you all have it. If you use it effectively, you will probably never need another lead generation tactic again!

  1. Message all of your current friends on Facebook and start a conversation. 
    mlm leads
  2. Add new friends to join your network daily.
  3. network marketing success
    Engage with your audience that post comments on your thread. 
  4. mlm leads 3
    Green dots are a great way to find people online to have a conversation with. 
mlm leads 4
  1. One of the most successful recruiting strategies I know of is the private messenger on Facebook. In fact, you can use this secret network marketing tactic with only your phone.

Big Tip: Use audio messages on Facebook messenger as many times as possible because they are more personal and are way better to attract leads for MLM than the text messages. (I use them for my coaching and network marketing businesses all the time.)

If you’d like to connect with me on Facebook and copy my strategy to generate leads for MLM – Go here but be sure to send me a Friend Request while you’re at it & say Hi!

Back to the message

Your goal is to make a friend and get the other person to trust you. This way you can actually transition them into

mlm leads

being a network marketing representative of your MLM company. If there is NO TRUST, there will be no business.

I know, you’ll say, “Terry, how do I develop trust” …

How to recruit in network marketing boils down to learning what the “prospect” needs in their life and what their pains are.

Then, you just fulfill that need through your company. For instance, if you find out they need more time to enjoy their kids and family…

The only way they will get more time is to do something different than they’ve always done in the past. Your business could be the perfect fit for them.

The place where people screw up is listening to the prospect long enough to get the answer. It makes no difference what you like, it’s about them NOT YOU.

Questions that you can ask your prospects

A couple of questions I will always ask my prospect would be…

  • Are you a health oriented person? (insert your company’s product)
  • Why are you looking for something different?
  • Why were you open to taking a look at my business?


If you can simply find out WHY they are looking to make money from home or do something different, you’ve got the magic sauce. The key that unlocks the door to close them into your business.

Most people think it’s the products and in some cases, it is, but sales in network marketing is always about finding a real need and filling it with your company in some way.

It’s all About The Trust

Wiki-How wrote this article on 4 ways to develop trust with another individual. Consider the source, this article may help you tremendously in your sales efforts to develop trust!

You just need to focus on their needs instead of making the sale and you’ll be just fine. One of the most powerful network marketing tips that I failed to implement early in my career was “follow-up”.

This crushed my ability to create network marketing success.

We’ve heard over and over that in your MLM marketing strategy, you must follow-up with your prospects multiple times because the typical sale happens on the 7th exposure to your product.

If you’re still wondering How To Use Facebook For Business In Network Marketing — I put together a really cool video for you. I guarantee you’ll like it!


If you stop at the 2nd ‘NO’ you hear, well you’ll seriously crush your chances of ever having MLM success.

I can promise you that you’ll NEVER hit the top ranks in any network marketing or direct sales company if you go down for the count at your first couple of rejections.

A great book to read on this topic is “Go For No” – on of my favorite books on using more NO to get to more yes. You can get it here if you wish.

A Few Tools For MLM Follow-Up

I almost forgot, I’ve shot a cool video about go for no inside of network marketing. You should definitely check it out.

I use a very simple system for generating leads for MLM to follow-up with prospects and it’s called Google Calendar. Heard of it? Yeah, I know it’s basic, huh?

There’s no reason to get all complicated here. Anyone who has a Gmail account automatically has the calendar feature and it hooks to your phone seamlessly.

Bingo! Now, all you have to do is promise yourself to use it.

mlm calendar

For full disclosure, I also use a conventional day planner to keep my day straight and my thought in-check, but what I’ve noticed is…  If I don’t calendar my life, appointments & follow-ups, well, they never happen and the same will hold true for you as well!

  1. We can talk about all the strategies to generate leads for MLM we want but if you don’t learn people and how to persuade them into your MLM business, well, you’ll never have MLM recruiting success.

You need to discover what to say and more importantly, how to listen. Most of you are thinking about what to say or do when your wife or significant other is talking and then you wonder why they get mad.

Above all else, there are a ton of online network marketing opportunities out there in this space, but if you never learn to LISTEN, you’ll never make it. Network marketing is a volunteer sport: meaning people don’t have to participate if they don’t want to.

This network marketing business is about listening (this is why God gave you 2 ears and 1 mouth) to people’s needs and then providing what it is that they want.

mlm leads

Whether you’re prospecting for the business or just a product, it doesn’t matter. At the end, success in generating leads for MLM depends on your ability to listen and put your product or business in front of your prospect the way they want.

If you try to give them the pitch the way YOU want, you’ll come across as a used car salesman with slick back hair…  In case you missed the reference, that’s not what you want to do as a home-based recruiter.

For more network marketing tips, I share with you my follow-up process in this cool video. Share it with your team, I’m sure they will get value from it for their network marketing leads as well!

What To Do NOW

As I leave you in this blog post, first of all, I’d like to ask you to comment below (if you got any value) & also ask any questions you may have. I’ll respond promptly.

I want to talk to you more importantly about you and action. If you are like most people, you’ll go on about life not changing a thing.

If that happens, well, success in getting leads for MLM will never happen and all your goals are going to wind up being hopes that never happened.

Most network marketers go down this road. I’d like you to pick 1, not 5, but 1 action item from this post (let me know in the comments) that you’ll be implementing into your MLM business immediately.

If you have any questions about MLM leads, connect with me on Facebook by clicking here and say Hi!

I hope you’ve thoroughly enjoyed these network marketing tips & how to make the MLM industry work for you!

Terry Jay Gremaux – +1.406.366.9280

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