How We Increased Referrals By 300% & Cut Our Length Of Sale In Half

From Your LinkedIn Leads’ Mailbox To Their Hearts

All great ideas start small. Sometimes, however, they snowball up to the point that it’s difficult to stay on top of them. That’s what happened when we realized generosity was key to creating mutually beneficial relationships with LinkedIn leads. We thought we’d make our leads on LinkedIn feel cared for, so we sent them gifts and cards to show that we weren’t just interested in their money – we wanted to be friends.

And it worked! A little too well, in fact.

Our leads on LinkedIn loved the generosity we were showing them, and our sales referrals increased exponentially. This led to a problem that we should have seen coming: we had too much of a good thing.

We had so many LinkedIn leads that we were physically unable to keep up with them all. Even if we had spent every waking moment keeping the cycle of generosity going, we would not have been able to make everyone feel cared for. A human being can only do so much.

A machine, however, can and will manage the sales referral overload. We needed the right customer relations tool for our sales referrals, and we found it … in Mailbox Power.

Mailbox Power is an automation tool that will send your LinkedIn leads greetings, cards and gifts according to the schedule you have set without you having to do it yourself. The benefits of this are multi-faceted, but it boils down to this:

  • You’ll stick out from the crowd – physical gifts simply cannot be replaced by digital messages. They have a personal touch, a degree of care put into them, that makes them far more memorable, which will ensure you’ll be present in the minds and hearts of your LinkedIn leads.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness – Without having to physically take time and energy out of your day to send items to your LinkedIn leads, you’ll have far more of both commodities to spend being productive and generate more leads on LinkedIn.
  • A feedback loop of success and generosity – Because you’ll have the time and energy to generate more LinkedIn leads, you’ll have more people to schedule Mailbox Power gifts for, leading to even more sales referrals that you’ll be able to keep on top of!

Our experience with Mailbox Power was one of immediate success. Our LinkedIn leads were delighted and felt cared for, which meant that they kept us in mind when they had to decide where to enrol. Our enrolment percentage went up by a staggering 250%!! Not to mention our sales referrals, which increased by 300%!

All this is thanks to Mailbox Power and how we were able to successfully marry it to the idea of Linked with Generosity. Without this tool, our Linked with Generosity journey would have collapsed under the weight of its own ambition very quickly. Yet thanks to Mailbox Power, we were able to get off the ground and take our business to unimaginable heights.

Which brings us to you. Are you ready to revolutionize your Linked with Generosity journey? Then Mailbox Power is indispensable to you. This is how it works:

  • Generate leads on LinkedIn using the skills you’ll pick up in Linked with Generosity.
  • Schedule greetings and gifts for your LinkedIn leads through Mailbox Power, to be delivered automatically whenever you choose.
  • Sit back and relax as the sales referrals roll in.

To help you understand Mailbox Power better, we’ve put together a few testimonials from our friends – and yes, your leads on LinkedIn will soon become friends through this method – below. Just scroll down to check out why Mailbox Power is the hottest customer response tool in the world right now!

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