Your LinkedIn Profile is like going on your first date.  Let’s just you met the partner of your life at a local get-together that you enjoyed last night.  Yep, you’ve exchanged Facebook accounts, not numbers.  That’s just what happens these days.

You two hit it off.  So much rapport, finishing each others sentences & true love is hitting on all cylinders.  This is so good.  You get up the next morning to a FB message.  Those twitter-pated butterflies start flying in your belly as you click on the message.

It’s a gratitude message & a setup for a dinner with you two tonight.  Do you immediately snap a selfie with you just rolling out of bed and send it over?  You know, your hair is a mess.  Hopefully you have clothes on but who the heck knows.

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Or do you start getting ready for your special night a couple hours early making sure your clothes are perfect, your hair is sensational & your presentation is to die for?  I thought so.

See, your LinkedIn Profile is the same way.  I see so many hurry up through their LinkedIn Profile not putting much time, thought & attention on it.  This is the center piece of all your marketing on LinkedIn.  This blog post is designed to help you with every piece of your LinkedIn Profile.  I will help you create a LinkedIn profile perfect to for you!

LinkedIn Profile Is Your Crux

Your LinkedIn Profile Is The Start Of A Critical Relationship

Your entire world on LinkedIn starts with your profile.  You are on LinkedIn for only 2 reasons, you have a business or you are looking for a new career.  In both cases, the relationship with your wanted prospect judges you & whether they will engage with you based on your profile.

Unlike Facebook, your LinkedIn profile is operates like a website.  Linkedin is the #1 place in the world to find another person you are looking for.  When your prospect finds you, they are going to look at your LinkedIn profile to ultimately decide whether they should reach out to you.

That relationship could ultimately change the dynamic of your life forever.  Just like true love that most of us are so grateful to experience, that hire of a lifetime or the next amazing client you attract to you will do the same thing.  Pay attention and make the desired changes.

Building Your LinkedIn Profile In Simple Steps

LinkedIn Profile For Terry Jay Gremaux

The above image is my LinkedIn profile.  Click here to connect with me.  I’d love that!  What you see above is what the eyes of my perfect prospect first see.  Your prospect needs to feel they are in the right place and you are the answer to their pain.

That decision happens within a moment.  It’s a feeling that they have within seconds of looking at your LinkedIn profile.  This is why every step is so crucial. 

Your Profile Picture

The first step is choosing a good LinkedIn profile picture.  LinkedIn is a business network.  You must look professional, confident & open.  I see so many profile pictures that look non-professional.  Don’t make that mistake.

Even worse, look at your picture and make sure you are smiling.  The energy in your LinkedIn profile picture is everything.  Be open & smile so people desire to connect with you.

Have you ever been in a sports bar or establishment when someone walks in the door & instantly you know they are someone to stay away from.  You may even leave the sports bar out the opposite door.  You judgmental awesome person you.

You have to laugh a touch at that & I hope you do.  It’s just so critically important that you understand energy.  We all feel energy from people and we act accordingly if we are smart.  You want your prospects to jump at connecting with you.  Be warm, be open & be someone others love to connect with.

Your LinkedIn Profile Background

Welcome to the greatest waste of space that I see on most LinkedIn profiles I ever look at.  If you need to scroll up, go ahead.  Look at my background or banner image.  (see many examples here)

Your LinkedIn profile background is NOT a place to advertise how great you or your product is.  Your background image MUST grab the attention of your prospect and tell them if you are the perfect solution to their problem or not.

Contray to what most belief, great branding is meant to be a filter.  It’s meant to push away those people that aren’t absolutely PERFECT for you.  This way, it saves you countless hours of time.

If you LinkedIn profile background image answers the question to your perfect prospect, then you’ve nailed it.  If you’re having difficulty figuring out who your perfect prospect is, go read this entire blog post.

LinkedIn Profile Background Image

Your LinkedIn Profile Headline

The LinkedIn profile healine has a very unique purpose.  You want to make sure you do some thinking before you set your final headline for your LinkedIn profile.  Remember before when I told you that LinkedIn is the #1 platform to find people?

This is where you need to think about this.  Your LinkedIn profile headline is designed to describe you to your prospect.  This is also used in LinkedIn search for other people to find you.

LinkedIn Profile Headline

For me, authentic relationship building is what we do.  Our core message inside of our company is “making business easy” & we use the power of LinkedIn to make that happen.  

Your LinkedIn profile headline should back up what your LinkedIn profile backgroud image is speaking to your prospect.  Always remember, your profile isn’t for you, it’s for your prospect.

Build a powerful headling that explains your message & works synergistically with your background image.  This is the magical power of your LinkedIn Profile.  If you’d like some help developing this message, go here.

Your Contact Info On LinkedIn

This may be the greatest mistake ever made on LinkedIn.  The reason for you putting together a LinkedIn profile is to get contacted, right?

So many people that I find don’t have their phone number or email listed.  Like seriously folks, do you like business?

Your LinkedIn Profile Contact Info

Here is my CLEAR opinion.  If you like money to be deposited into your bank account, fill out ALL your contact information MINUS your address.  If you don’t, you are committing suicide to your business.

How To Change Your LinkedIn Profile URL

Did you know you could change your LinkedIn profile URL?  Yep, you can.  Before we talk about the how, why would you ever want to do this.

Remember back to LinkedIn being the #1 place to finding other people…

Knowing & understanding this point will give you your simplistic answer to the above question.  You can tweak your LinkedIn profile URL to more highly be optimized to get searched by the prospects you want to find you.

How To Change LinkedIn Profile URL

This is why it’s critical to know your EXACT niche target market.  If you don’t understand your niche market & who they are, you will just be guessing.  We are here to help!

Think about who is looking for you & what they would potentially type in the search bar of LinkedIn or Google.  That term that so describes you & brings your perfect target market to you.  That’s what your URL should be.  Now, go play but make sure you are thinking through the eyes of your target market!

Your About Section Is The Deep Conversation

Everything we’ve spoken about so far has been eye-catching & attraction based.  Your LinkedIn Profile About Section is designed to take your prospect on a journey to see that you are their answer.

You have a massive hurdle to get over 1st but I have some good news.  If your prospect is at this stage, they like you.  They have scrolled down on your LinkedIn profile a few notches.  Study the next picture quickly.

LinkedIn Profile About Section

You must get them to click on the “see more” button to read the rest of your story.  Most people have their resume here or some award they won.  If you want to see the rest of my story, click here.

Sorry to burst your bubble but your prospect doesn’t care about you.  They only care about WIIFM.  What’s in it for me.  That line is the only thing your prospect cares about just like you.  

You only have a few words to catch them.  Your desire is to write a story about how their pain can be solved.  Would you click see more above if you were reading my profile?  You have a total of 2,000 characters to create magic for your prospect.  

Make your first sentence catchy to make your prospect click.  Then take them on a journey with a call to action at the end.  What do you want your prospect to do if they love you?  I choose to book an appointment so we can connect on a deeper level.  If you’re not a good writer or really have no idea where to start, we can certainly help.  Go here for more.

The Featured Section

The featured section of your LinkedIn profile

Your featured section is designed to share what is important to your target market.  That dang word has show up again!  You must know what they desire.  You don’t fill this section up just with things to buy.

Think hard about valuable content that your perfect prospect will love.  In my case, my website is by far the best place for anyone who loves what I do.  You can add websites/links, YouTube videos or static images.

I highly encourage you to take advantage of this section.  Up until now, you’ve been building credibility.  It’s now time to get your prospect engaged with your sharpest material.

I would highly advise that you have no more than 4 featured links or images.  To many featured items causes nothing to work.  Your prospect has no idea what to actually focus on.

Your Dashboard Tells The Real Story

I’ve come to realize that marketing is all about testing.  We can talk about theory all day long but the marketplace will always tell us the real story.  We just have to listen.

Your LinkedIn marketing is no different.  This is a picture of my Dashboard on one of my LinkedIn accounts.

The Dashboard on Your LinkedIn Profile

This Dashboard tells me everything I need to know.  Make sure you’re tracking the RESULTS, not just the actions.  If you aren’t having other humans viewing your profile, something is wrong.

On the contrary, if you have a lot of people viewing your profile but no action is happening, that’s not good either.  How many search rankings are you showing up in?

These things are how you go faster to make sure your marketing & your LinkedIn Profile is doing what it is suppose to.

I’m not going to take you into the experience category because I think it’s not necessary to point out the obvious.  Fill out your experience & education to the max.  It’s very important.

If your sitting here thinking this was awesome, please go down below and grab my free course.  I said NO COST.  

With Generosity,

Terry Jay Gremaux



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