LinkedIn MLM Recruiting: How I Enrolled 85+ Reps & 336+ Customers Into iBuumerang Travel

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LinkedIn MLM recruiting can be the most amazing method to grow your network marketing business & inside of this blog post, we will focus 100% on my network marketing company, iBuumerang travel.

Before we head into LinkedIn MLM recruiting specific to iBuumerang travel with Holton Buggs, I want to share with you why iBuumerang is different than most companies in network marketing. This doesn’t mean that I’m saying it’s the best but certainly things do lend itself to work very well with LinkedIn for network marketing.

iBuumerang travel lead by Holton Buggs is completely different for a variety of reasons. Holton Buggs is an absolute legend in the industry that is personable, an absolute visionary & believes in giving back to the industry of network marketing.

I remember when I heard about iBuumerang travel & the visions of changing the network marketing industry from Holton Buggs. I was on the beaches of Lombok, Indonesia. Yes, we were 12 hours away from the eastern time zone in the USA.

We were spending 6 months in Asia because we decided to go on a trip of a lifetime that this great profession has brought us. Before I get too far off the topic of LinkedIn MLM recruiting & iBuumerang, let’s talk about the many reasons why I choose iBuumerang to work with instead of the many other companies to choose from.

As you know, I’m a Linkedin guy. I believe in LinkedIn for network marketing because it’s grown an incredible business for us on the marketing side as well as our network marketing business. Just this week, using my LinkedIn MLM scripts, I have 6 people slated to join our business from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn MLM Recruiting: Why iBuumerang & LinkedIn Are A Perfect Marriage

It’s quite amazing. Realistically, there is nothing better for iBuumerang success than LinkedIn for network marketing. In the next few paragraphs, I will share to the best of my knowledge why iBuumerang was my pick & perfect to mesh with LinkedIn for network marketing.

Let’s venture into the network marketing industry and talk about some truths. The fact is, I love the industry. This means that everything I say isn’t a hypy, no good statement about mlm or network marketing, it’s just the facts.

Before Holton Buggs created iBuumerang travel, you had to become an incredible recruiter to make consistent money online with network marketing. If you didn’t become an incredible recruiter inside of network marketing, you would fail to create any sizable income for your family.

This is why. From the DSA (Direct Selling Association), the average product user inside of network marketing only stays 88 days. In case you didn’t know, this means that in less than 90 days, your customer that you worked so hard to attain will leave your organization.

I didn’t want this to happen. I wanted to have my customers stay forever. This is why I like ibuumerang so much. We have over 339 customers and counting. They pay nothing to be a part of our organization and this means they will never ever leave. Why would you leave if you never pay and just save lots of money on thing you’re already buying.

Check it out here — it doesn’t make any sense why you wouldn’t be a customer as it costs no money.

That also leads me to the next thing that I love. Holton Buggs didn’t create iBuumerang out of need or money like a lot of companies. He created this amazing network marketing company to give back to the industry that has given him so much. This is why Holton Buggs is such a legend.

If you’d like to see what iBuumerang travel has to offer and haven’t found the perfect sponsor, head on over here.

The next thing that is simply amazing is called the PRIB. It stands for “Perpetual Residual Income Builder”. This means that iBuumerang isn’t a travel company. The travel company is named iGo. It’s a distinct travel company owned and operated by a company out of Plano, Texas.

The PRIB will communicate with your customers to let them know of deals in their area, new potential services that match their needs (like Amazon) & many other avenues of communication & promotions. This means that you do nothing but you do get paid.

We get paid by saving other people money. The customer doesn’t lock into any long-term deal EVER. They simply save money every single time they book anything online or buy a service that iBuumerang is apart of. It’s truly that simple.

Now, Vibe Rides is our 2nd vertical into another billion dollar industry. This is coming soon. I will update information here as I see appropriate. Here is the deal, iBuumerang is headed into multiple industries and all you do is get the customer. Holton Buggs & team will take care of everything else.

Now that you know a touch more about iBuumerang, we can venture into Linkedin MLM recruiting & how we have done very well in iBuumerang.

LinkedIn MLM Recruiting: How To Get Started FAST To Create iBuumerang Success

Let’s talk about the mentality of recruiting fast using LinkedIn MLM recruiting with iBuumerang & then talk specifically about what we did to hit Ruby (Over 40k in sales volume) in our first 35 days WITHOUT bringing a team over from another network marketing company.

Before we get into exactly what to do & the processes that we do it with, we need to speak about your mentality of recruiting. Why did LinkedIn MLM Recruiting work for me & why does it continually work for us?

It’s because of our mentality to recruit & connect with amazing people inside & outside of our industry. We simply decided to go to work & create iBuumerang success. I personally recruited 36 people in our 1st 35 days. I don’t say that to brag, I tell you that for an understanding of what is possible when you go all out.

I am a huge believer in LinkedIn for network marketing & we will surely get there but Facebook is where most of our friends are to start out with. If you are already in iBuumerang, please listen to your plugged in upline. Be the most coachable you’ve ever been in your life so you too can create iBuumerang success.

I tell every person that enters my team the same thing. If you give me 1% trust and that trust is to join iBuumerang with me, I’ll spend my life earning the other 99%. I really mean that. If you are happy in a company, simply get what you need from my blog post here and put it into your company.

Coachability is the biggest factor in your success by a land slide. It’s not even close. This is why you must understand what it means to be coachable. It’s something that most people inside of iBuumerang & the rest of network marketing truly thinks they are but the fact is, they are not.

Talking to an incredible prospect today, I discovered that she understand the industry of network marketing from the corporate level. I told her, with your level of professionalism, I believe in 12 – 18 months that you should be earning 10k+ a month. In fact, I don’t think it’s possible to earn less than that.

The key word here is coachable. What does that even mean? Here is what it means. In the perfect world, you have a plugged in upline to tap into with iBuumerang. If you don’t, just plug into flight school every Saturday & you’ll be able easily plug into incredible leadership.

Coachable means that you’re willing to do whatever your plugged in upline tells you & will come back to them with anything that comes up. If you get hung up on or something goes wrong in the call, ask your upline. If your upline is good, they will tell you what to do and then it’s up to you to come back and ask them exactly why it didn’t work better.

If you’re on my team specifically, I’ll typically take you by the hand and lead you. I’ll ask you to do a few things described below & if you don’t do them that is completely up to you. But I promise you, I’ll have your back.

If you’ve decided to become coachable, let’s talk about the action items that took us to Ruby in our 1st 30 days with iBuumerang.

iBuumerang MLM Script For Your Facebook Friends

My objective with Facebook as well as LinkedIn (as you’ll see later) is to get people on the phone. What I did then & what I would do today is 2 completely different things.

I’m gonna teach you what I would do today, knowing how to recruit at a higher level & of course, understanding iBuumerang far more than I did when I first started. Remember, my goal is to get them on the phone to have a conversation.

I do reccomend calling all your folks & using my iBuumerang customer mlm script as well. It’s down below.

Step 1:

Hey FirstName,

(Give Sincere Compliment) You’ve always been a super positive person & someone I love hearing from. (Make It Specific)

Can I ask you a crazy question?

Step 2:

I know it’s crazy but do you love to travel?

Step 3:

Can I share something really cool with you that won’t cost you a dime?

Step 4:

Let’s jump on the phone & have a short chat.

Terry J Gremaux – iBuumerang Script For Facebook Friends

Of course, you’re either rewarded or punished by how you’ve treated your network in network marketing and the same thing goes on Facebook.

If you don’t get a good response to this question, keep going. This isn’t about you wondering if it works, it’s about you being coachable. If you have friends that are closer to you, simply ask them if you can connect with them on the phone. Don’t cheat this process, it’s not worth it..

I am not going to go into what to say in this blog post. You can see that up above but remember, you’re supposed to make the call, don’t just send a message.

The Action Behind My Facebook Friends iBuumerang MLM Script

The script isn’t where the magic is to have iBuumerang success. The magic is behind the mentality of your recruiting efforts. It truly doesn’t matter where you find people, it matters what you do with those people.

This is what I did on Facebook. I had 647 friends on Facebook at that time. I simply went to each one of them as fast as I could and sent them a message. I did not worry about people not messaging back or saying things. I’m simply looking for people who are open.

Everyone else, we will go back to later. Don’t worry about those who don’t want to get on the phone. From that 1st batch of people, we enrolled 19 reps & 50+ iBuumerang customers in our first few weeks in the business of iBuumerang.

Your Job On The Phone Talking iBuumerang Travel

Remember, I highly encourage you to call your people. Your objective is to get them on the phone, not to stay on messenger, even though it’s much easier.

Your job when on the phone with your prospect is to do 1 thing. Build rapport & see if they are open. That is it. Your job isn’t to answer questions. Your job isn’t to tell them everything. Your job isn’t to tell them details about the compensation plan.

Your job when on the phone talking about iBuumerang travel is to peak their interest. Something like this after you build rapport.

Hey FirstName,

(Relate To Something In Their Life Or The Conversation)

I know you talk about real estate earlier & I wanted to tell you that we are doing something really exciting that you may really enjoy. I have no idea if it’s a good fit or if you’d like it but…

Would you be open to at least educating yourself on what we are doing that is changing a lot of lives?

Terry Jay Gremaux — iBuumerang Scripts For Asking The Question Professionally

If you’ve built a good relationship of rapport with your prospect, you will not have to worry about your “yes” ratio. Literally every single person you talk to with will be a yes. I am going to say, 9 out of 10.

After You Get A Yes But Before You Hang Up

Here is the next step. I truly believe this is the holy grail of network marketing in teams that support it. That isn’t all of them, by the way. It’s special to have a team to plug your team members into.

If you’re on my team (Team Dare With Terry Jay & Gremaux), you’ve got that. If you’re looking for the best iBuumerang team, we’ve got a good one. Check out this link below.

Okay, we’ve gotten really excited and our prospect has said YES on the phone to checking out ibuumerang! This makes me so happy. But before you get off the phone, you must book an appointment from the appointment.

We call this B.A.M.F.A.M. The only reason to call them in the first place is to have another meeting. That’s all. You need to book the next meeting before you get off the phone. This will set you up for a 3 way call with your prospect to create iBuumerang success.

Something like this…

Awesome. I’m so excited for you to see what I saw.

I’d love to get you on the calendar. (24 – 48 hours later)

Would Wednesday or Thursday work better for you?

iBuumerang Script For BAMFAM

See, when we give a yes or yes, we always win. Your final step is to tell your leader you have a 3 way call. That is right, you’ll want to bring someone else online to tell the story for you.

  • Make a phone call to connect with another human.
  • Build rapport to make them love you & be normal.
  • Ask the peak interest question above.
  • B.A.M.F.A.M. them so you have your follow up date in a solid date.
  • Send information using the iDecide.
  • Tell your sponsor when your call is. (If it’s me… Terry Jay Gremaux – 1.406.366.9280)

If we follow these steps each time, you’ll have tremendous success. If you don’t follow them, you won’t. It’s that simple.

LinkedIn MLM Recruiting: Getting Started On LinkedIn For Network Marketing

Finally, we get to talk about and teach LinkedIn MLM recruiting techniques that I’ve used to recruit over 85+ people and that is about to grow rapidly. When we look at mlm & why LinkedIn for network marketing works so well in iBuumerang especially, we find this important fact.

Network marketing is about working with professionals. People that already have a network that loves them to pieces. People that don’t have any money problems. People that understand how a business works.

This is how we grow our team rapidly. I want to share with you the exact scripts that have helped me crush it in iBuumerang and whether you’re in my team, other amazing team or another company, this should be of high value to you.

Before I go into more LinkedIn MLM recruiting specifically in iBuumerang, understand to follow my 6 steps from above to have network marketing success. You’ll always follow them no matter where you get your prospect from.

LinkedIn MLM Recruiting: For Your Current Connections On LinkedIn

Before I go into the Linkedin MLM scripts to send to your current connections, remember that the only reason to send them a message is to get them on the phone. It’s that simple.

Don’t screw up the intention of these LinkedIn MLM scripts to think anything differently. If you do, you’re just fooling yourself.

Here is what I sent each and every person in my 22k connection audience.

Hey FirstName,

First of all, thank you so much for being a connection of mine here on LinkedIn. I truly appreciate that.

It’s been awhile since we spoke & the truth is, maybe we never did. I would love the opportunity to have a short connection call to see how we can possibly help each other.

Are you open to a mutually beneficial call? It’ll only last about 10 minutes & I would love to hear what you’re currently up to.


YourName — YourNumber

The iBuumerang Script For Current LinkedIn Connections

Remember, this is the script for LinkedIn connections already connected to you. I will teach you how to build up your audience later on in this blog post. We do our work & fun on the phone.

LinkedIn MLM Scripts: What To Say To Invitations On LinkedIn For iBuumerang Success

So many people botch this with some pitchy, hypy sentence. See, you’ve got to remember with LinkedIn MLM recruiting, our goal is to get our prospects on the phone. We can build rapport & make everything happen from there.

When you do LinkedIn MLM recruiting correctly, you’ll understand how easy it is to get a phone number. Here is my exact LinkedIn MLM script for invitations that reach out to me. After this, I’ll teach you a little LinkedIn for network marketing lesson on how to create an audience in LinkedIn.


  Thanks so much for reaching out to me. I truly appreciate it!

I love to truly connect with all my connections. This way I know how to refer & connect YOU with the right amazing people in my network. Are you open to a mutually beneficial call?

If so… Just book a session on my calendar here —

Looking forward to hearing your story.

YourName — YourNumber

iBuumerang Script For LinkedIn Invitations

Yes, this is literally one of the exact LinkedIn MLM Scripts that I currently use in my business. It works very well. If you don’t have a calendar, just get their number. It’s pretty simple.

Now, we understand how to gain a gob of phone numbers and amazing people to talk to through LinkedIn. That’s very fun! This LinkedIn MLM recruiting stuff can be a tad bit addicting!

LinkedIn MLM Recruiting: When They Say No Or It’s Just Not A Fit

I need you to remember the LinkedIn for network marketing premise for iBuumerang. We want TSA’s & customers — right? If you take that for a yes, you’re right.

In iBuumerang, you should be a customer because it’s free. Frankly, it’s not smart if you’re not a customer. That’s how I think about iBuumerang. It’s simple. If you were going to get something for 35% cheaper, wouldn’t you want someone to tell you about it?

Of course you would. That’s why on every conversation I ask if they want to be a customer. This LinkedIn MLM recruiting tip will absolutely change the course of your life.


Quick question, do you love to travel?

Great! Would you like to save up to 35% each time you booked? By the way, it doesn’t cost you a dime.

iBuumerang Customer Script

This LinkedIn MLM recruiting trick with make you millions. Every single person I talk to or have a conversation with goes on a list, in my notebook. See, this allows me to understand that I’m following up with them.

I will follow up with them to be a customer forever. This means that you follow up with each person you contact and have a conversation with until they die or tell you not to. Just send them a simple line each week. If you have questions about this, reach out to me.

This is how we used LinkedIn MLM recruiting to help us generate 336 customers from LinkedIn connections who told us NO to become a TSA. It’s that simple y’all!

LinkedIn For Network Marketing: How To Create & Increase Your LinkedIn Audience

Okay folks! Listen closely. Always follow the 6 steps that will bring you success whether in iBuumerang or in some other amazing network marekting company. LinkedIn MLM recruiting gives us the highest possibility to win big because of the amazing people that are involved on LinkedIn.

For more on that, read my blog post on “How To Use LinkedIn For Network Marketing”…

I look at LinkedIn for network marketing as my favorite tool in the shed to find amazing people to talk to. It always comes back to the phone. Never forget that LinkedIn is your gateway to find professionals for your company.

We 1st determine your target market for your network marketing company. You certainly have a free rain to pick nearly anything. It’s up to you. But you must select your target market by occupation & your target location. Some say, I will just take anyone but this is a death sentence.

It’s not really about me choosing the best fit for you either. Using LinkedIn MLM recruiting is great but if we never ever pick our target market, we are strapped. I then send 100 connection requests each and every day.

That’s right. You can see my LinkedIn MLM recruiting video on exactly how I find them & help you understand how easy it is to build your network using my LinkedIn MLM recruiting methods.

My LinkedIn MLM Recruiting Daily Routine To Create iBuumerang Success

  1. Send my 100 connection requests.
  2. Answer my invitation requests.
  3. Answer any messages that have came in.
  4. Call your LinkedIn Leads.
  5. Follow up with old leads.

That is it. Just do this routine each and every day. LinkedIn MLM recruiting will give you an easy solution to amazing people to have in your business. Oh yeah, if you’re in my team, let’s rock it!

LinkedIn For Network Marketing: Have Us Produce Them For You

Let me tell you where you will go wrong. This is my favorite thing to talk about when we speak on LinkedIn for network marketing. See, if you understand that investing in yourself is the very most important thing on earth.

Then, you understand why this offer is so critical to your iBuumerang success. Click on it so you know what we do & can help you recruit yourself to the top!

Here is what will happen. You have this thing called life. It’s gonna creep up on you with the kids, family, work, community effort, church and god only knows what else. You’ll be well intentioned to do everything you need to do.

But most of the time, it won’t happen. This is why most people never even finish a course. This is why we decided to generate the leads for you so when you get home from work or getting the kids to where they’re going…

You can call your leads that are sitting on your calendar & in your spreadsheet. No, seriously, for real. This means you don’t have to fight technology, your head, mindset, time, etc. You just do what you’re good at.

Go ahead. Take a peek. Looking forward to serving you.

Talk soon,

Terry Jay Gremaux — +1.406.366.9280

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