LinkedIn Leads For Professionals

The LinkedIn Leads program was designed for the busy professional that wants to build their business faster.

We understand through experience that prospecting doesn’t make you money, it’s just a means to an end.

Linkedin Leads allows you to spend 100% of your time on presenting & generating referrals INSTEAD of prospecting.

This means that you’ll be able to focus all of your attention on making money instead of finding your perfect propect. 

Please watch the video below for full details.

LinkedIn Leads

Terry Jay Gremaux

Founder of LinkedIn Leads

Terry Jay Gremaux created over 50,000 leads on LinkedIn in the past 8 years.  Based on generosity, he was able to create a systematic process to create unique, qualified leads.

Now, he has brought his process to serve you.  The LinkedIn Leads program was birthed to take away the prospecting process so you can spend 100% of your time making money.

Look no further.  The LinkedIn Leads Program will deliver leads on LinkedIn that are excited to speak with you.  If you’re ready for a completely different approach bathed in generosity, The Live Networker is a perfect fit for you.

The Magic of LinkedIn Leads From Kal

After creating 40 millionaires in the network marketing profession, I understand that leads are the life-blood of the business.

Within 10 days of working with TheLiveNetworker, they put me in touch with a huge leader that I enrolled into my business.  If you’re a leader in network marketing, I highly encourage you to trust Terry Jay & Felicia.

Jason Boreko

Network Marketing Leader, Stem Cell Global Expansion

I wanted to thank you for putting together such a wonderful program.   Your program has done fantastic things for my network, not only expanding it and created great friendships but equally as important is business partners.  

The way that you have taken my profile and made it into a professionally done profile which attracts the people that I have synergy with has been a blessing.  Combined with simplicity of how you make it to access these lists along with the coaching your LinkedIn leads program is second to none. 

I am recommending this to everyone who wants an edge and a simpler way to grow there business.  Thank you Terry for putting this together. 

Richard Chaney

Network Marketer, ACN

I love that my time is freed up to be in the appointments that need me most. I no longer have to spend time prospecting, instead I invest time in face to face conversations that lead to great things!  I’ve enrolled 3 people in my first few weeks with LinkedIn Leads.

Devorah Leah Siegal

Financial Advisor, Impact Leadership Network

The Live Networker has opened up a treasure chest of referrals, leads and relationships that I didn’t think was possible. 

This is the most genuine method I’ve ever seen of connecting people in a way that nurtures trust.  With this trust comes a massive number of connections, who are not only are happy to hear from you but are thrilled to know about your own business and how YOU can connect them! I highly recommend this service.

Jennifer Quintard

Insurance Agent, United HealthCare

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