Leads from LinkedIn are plentiful especially if you have the right process like we do below BUT if you have no idea how to create relationships from those LinkedIn leads, you are wasting your time.  This blog post will give you 6 solid, critical steps to live by in order to create relationships that NEVER quit giving.

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Turning Leads From LinkedIn Into Profitable Relationships

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Did you notice I said “Relationships”…¬† I didn’t say sales, income or money.¬† My way is a little bit different that your average.¬† I believe in the 2nd level principle.

The 2nd Level Principle

Here at TheLiveNetworker, we operate by the 2nd level principle.¬† This means we ALWAYS focus our attention on level 2.¬† Our prospects know hundreds of people & it’s our goal to make them love us so much that they want to put referrals in our life.

This principle protects us from potentially making a wrong move just to make a sale.  Keeping ourselves rooted in generosity will always pay huge dividends long-term.

Linked With Generosity Philosophy

Reciprocity Creator, TheLiveNetworker

I would love to serve you but my focus is on everyone you know.¬† This makes sure I will never over-run my bounds & the atmosphere that I create will be filled with love for you.¬† If this is the true, you’ll desire to put your amazing people into my life when I ask.

This is the sole reason

With Generosity,

Terry Jay Gremaux



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