iBuumerang success, what does it take? What do you do in your first few days?

That is what this blog post is all about. You are either brand new to our team with iBuumerang or your on another iBuumerang team out there in iBuumerang land looking for guidance.

Either way, I’ve got your back. Well, my wife & I have got your back. My name is Terry Jay Gremaux & her name is Felicia Gremaux. We have been a team inside of this great industry of network marketing for the past 16 years & that has guided us to iBuumerang success. I’d like to help you find the same level of iBuumerang success!

I thought I’d share a few things that would allow you to trust us a tad when it comes to teaching you about network marketing inside of iBuumerang. We joined in April of 2019 when the company was just getting going. We recruited 36 TSA’s in the first 35 days that we were on board with iBuumerang. We were thrilled with the iBuumerang success we were able to attain.

This Is The Congratulatory Image That Our Leader In iBuumerang Created For Us.

This allowed us to hit the rank of Ruby in iBuumerang and the rest is history. Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to update this to say Emerald, Diamond & Blue Diamond. The iBuumerang ranks start at director, to Sapphire, Emerald & through the Diamond ranks in iBuumerang.

I just want you to understand that we’ve recruited 85+ people & 340+ customers through LinkedIn for network marketing. You can click the link below to find out more about that.

The question remains, what do I do when I get started in iBuumerang. This blog post is to share with you the steps to get started correctly for massive success. Certainly share this with any iBuumerang TSA’s that could use a little guidance to hit the iBuumerang ranks that they desire.

Steps To iBuumerang Success From Terry Jay & Felicia Gremaux

Add These important dates to your Calendar. These two events happen each week and they are mandatory for your success. Yes, I said mandatory. If you don’t come to these 2 events each week, you’re simply taking your learning curve and making it take you so much longer.

We have noticed clearly that the TSA’s that hit iBuumerang ranks & create success, they make Diamond Mind a priority in their lives. They also show up at flight school. If you want to make money in iBuumerang, you will make significantly more money.

How To Grow A Diamond Mind
Mondays @ 8pmEST/6pmMST

How to grow a Diamond mind came about because the highest iBuumerang Rank is Diamond. This is where you’ll create about 30,000 USD each & every month.

The only way to hit this level inside of iBuumerang is to invest in yourself. We put amazing study guides together for you to actually learn the material in the books we are studying & then how to put it into action.

The mastermind alone with the other people inside the group is absolutely incredible. I’m so darn excited with what Diamond Mind is & I highly suggest being there each week.

Flight School (Corporate Training)
Saturdays @ 8amCT

I don’t think I need to say much about flight school. With iBuumerang, this is FUN, entertaining & amazing. You’ll hear from the top leaders in the field as well as Holton Buggs as well. It’s a non-skip event!

Get plugged into our team group for proper communication from us specifically about iBuumerang, special events & other announcements.

For iBuumerang success to be inevitable for you, you must be plugged in & be getting all the information. It’s silly for you not to understand this key component. Join our group below to be abreast of all the new & exciting information rolling out to help you have iBuumerang success!

iBuumerang success
Join Our Team Facebook Group To Create iBuumerang Success FAST!

Like The Corporate iBuumerang Facebook Page To Stay Plugged In

“LIKE” the corporate iBuumerang page. This is critically important as iBuumerang corporate puts out an amazing amount of content that you don’t want to miss out on. You will also see inspiration from TSA’s around the world hitting iBuumerang ranks. It’s great!

This Is What The iBuumerang Corporate Page Looks Like On Your Phone.

Pick Up Your Event Ticket Maximize iBuumerang Success

It’s time to buy your ticket to the next event. Now, if you’re like me, you like going faster. Holton Buggs, our fearless leader, tells us events will speed up our business up to 6 months. I want you there.

If you want to create massive success inside of iBuumerang, you have to go to events. This is where you get your energy & really learn who the company is. Remember, it’s not about when you joined iBuumerang, it’s more about when iBuumerang got into you.

If you want iBuumerang success, get yourself scheduled for the next event. Mr. Holton Buggs tells us to think about how much money you’re going to miss out on if you don’t make it, not the ticket price to get to the event.

iBuumerang New Member Orientation

Now, it’s time to get into training. Please go through all of the iBuumerang corporate training. I’ve made it very simple for you to complete. You’ll now know how buumerangs work & how to send an iDecide.

To say that this is essential to have iBuumerang success is a huge understatement. iBuumerang is a tremendous company that has put together all the New Member Orientation together for you.

You can click the button below to head right over to the new member orientation. When you’ve accomplished this, please let your sponsor or upline know. They can now give you your next step.

For best results in iBuumerang, please watch multiple times!

Pick Up Your Flight Plan Calendar

I highly encourage you to pick up your flight plan calendar to have iBuumerang success. I’ve made it super simple for you but this will train you on the things you need to do & keep it straight.

This will allow you to become a masterful creator of iBuumerang success. On every flight school, you’ll hear the guys talking about the flight plan calendar. Order yours today for best results in iBuumerang.

This calendar again was put together from the amazing Holton Buggs. This is how he created over 110 million in 10+ years. It’s put together in this booklet.

Of course, it’s optional, but I highly encourage you to pick it up if at all possible. It will help you build your business 10-fold.

Your Official Launch Commemorative Album

This album is a high-gloss picture album of our official launch in Las Vegas. If you weren’t there, why the heck should you pick it up?

Here is why. You have partnered with iBuumerang and this is an optional purchase for you as a tool to show people how incredible this business is. You can point to the people in this book as your partners. When people, your prospects, look at this high gloss book of millionaires, it brings you closer to iBuumerang success!

Another optional opportunity that will help you create more business in your iBuumerang group.

Take The Next Step To Create iBuumerang Success

The next step with Team Dare & iBuumerang is to get you up to speed with how our system works. Well, it’s the system that Mr. Buggs created 45 millionaires with.

You’re not depending on me to have iBuumerang success, this is a proven system. Let me take a minute to explain how important the next step is for you.

Basic training with iBuumerang started back 10+ years ago when our CEO, Holton Buggs recorded CASH COW. How to turn your network marketing company into a cash cow. Something that continues to churn income day after day after day without you in it. This is a core component of you creating iBuumerang success for you.

Now, Holton buggs created well over 110 million in commissions within those 10 years. Nobody in the history of the world has ever been better. I think he’s someone you might want to listen to.

Of course, his videos are on the next page. Just click the button below. If it were me doing this business over again, I watch these over & over again. It’s how we build the business big.

If you want to crush your iBuumerang business, click the link and head on to the next step.

iBuumerang Ranks – What To Look Forward To

I wanted to give you a little insight & goal setting for yourself. As you’re just getting started or possibly restarted in your iBuumerang business, I want you to understand the ranks of iBuumerang & how to have iBuumerang success for you!

iBuumerang Ranks – How To Have iBuumerang Success In Short Order

In the image, you’ll see all the iBuumerang ranks. On the far right side you’ll see the CAP per week. Here is what I’d like you to do. Sapphire is the first leadership rank. The Sapphire iBuumerang Rank averages $2k – $5k per month in income. The Ruby iBuumerang Rank is around $4k – $8k. The Emerald iBuumerang Rank ranges from $8k – $15k.

What iBuumerang rank do you want to become? More importantly, what iBuumerang rank will you be at in 60 days? What is your long range goal?

I use iBuumerang ranks to gauge my growth. All they are is a success gauge. Remember, you can be what ever you want. Get with your upline to let them know who you’d like to become!

Oh yeah, if you know nothing about iBuumerang & you’re searching. Click the link below.

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