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If you’re aware of how I instruct people here at The Live Networker, you’ll know I love LinkedIn. Hence, this blog post will teach you how to use LinkedIn Advanced Search to generate way more network marketing leads than you’ve been doing up till now.

The issue with network marketing leads on social media is you probably won’t find professional folk. Instagram, Facebook, etc. basically gives you leads that aren’t super-serious.

how to use Linkedin advanced search

Therefore, it’s important to know how to use LinkedIn Advanced Search to get good network marketing leads.

In contrast to social media, LinkedIn Advanced Search gives you network marketing leads that are already in a business. Because of this, they already know that business costs money; their salaries are usually around $100, 000 per year; and they already know that an MLM business requires work to generate income.

What Is LinkedIn Advanced Search?

A few of you might be wondering, “What the heck is LinkedIn Advanced Search? How can I use it to get more network marketing leads?”

No worries, because this blog post on how to use LinkedIn Advanced Search will teach you what it is and how to use it for more network marketing leads.

LinkedIn’s Advanced Search tool lets you search by connection, location, occupation, career or past work experience, alongside many other filters. So, using it, you can easily find the target market you want to talk to about your business.

Facebook, Twitter and whatnot wouldn’t let you do that. Generating your network marketing leads with LinkedIn Advance Search is also 100% free.

How To Use LinkedIn Advanced Search

Create Your Target Market: To me, this is probably the most overlooked network marketing strategy. In any other business, you’d never think about not generating a target market.

how to use Linkedin advanced search

However, in network marketing some people tend to think, “If they breathe, they’re my target market,” because network marketing is appealing to anyone who wants more income. This isn’t true though; you can work well with certain kinds of people, not with others because you’re human. So my advice is to:

  • Determine what your target market should be.
  • Once you’ve decided on your target market e.g from a specific occupation, type it inside the LinkedIn Advanced Search Box.
  •  You’ll get thousands of potential network marketing leads, and can pick and choose whom to talk to.
  •  You also have the choice of selecting individuals or companies, if your company sells services that require you to talk to the higher-ups in those companies.
  • You should choose to talk to people 99% of the time.

LinkedIn People Search by Location and Connections

The next two LinkedIn Advanced Search parameters are pretty neat.

Location: You can select a location to find network marketing leads based on whether they’re local, if it’s an area you’re looking to expand into, or even expanding to another country.

Thus, just type in the city or state you’re looking for network marketing leads in under ‘Location.’

Connections: This is really important when focusing on how to use LinkedIn Advanced Search because First Connections are already connected to you. Second Connections are those that you can connect to.

how to use Linkedin advanced search

Thus, you should always select Second Connections when using LinkedIn Advanced Search or you’ll waste your time. If you keep these things in mind, you’ll know how to use LinkedIn Advanced Search successfully.

Why LinkedIn People Search Is Powerful For MLM

From the time I’ve started using LinkedIn People Search to find my target market, I’ve been in love with how many network marketing leads I can create.

I know you’ll have the same success once you know how to use LinkedIn Advanced Search, because network marketing leads on LinkedIn usually aren’t hounded by hordes of other network marketers. Neither are they wasting time on social media.

Generally, they’re professional business owners who want to create income and know it takes effort. However, this doesn’t mean they’ll all be perfect network marketing leads – but LinkedIn People Search definitely gives you a better pool to pick from, which makes knowing how to use LinkedIn Advanced Search an essential skill for generating network marketing leads.

how to use Linkedin advanced search

Use LinkedIn Advanced Search To Change Your MLM

I recommend starting to use LinkedIn Advanced Search today if you want to give your organization a makeover of success. Consider if your whole team was using LinkedIn People Search to find professional network marketing leads.

People who are easy to enroll, who trust you, and will give you success. This is why I’ve had such a good experience with LinkedIn Advanced Search… and so have all the hundreds of clients I’ve taught over the past two years.

If you want to read the full article on LinkedIn Advanced Search, please click the button below.

I’m happy that this article helped you learn how to use LinkedIn Advanced Search, and I wish you success.

Talk soon,

Terry J Gremaux

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