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Welcome aboard TheLive Networker and today we’ll be talking about How To Generate Leads For Network Marketing For FREE. Being an industry veteran, I know all the ins and outs of this industry and I am here to give you free network marketing training every week. I’m pretty dang sure that you’d love to start generating network marketing leads and meet quality people to talk to that are looking to create more income in their life and yours.

I hope so because that’s exactly what we’re going to focus on today.  I’m going to teach you my strategy of finding high-quality network marketing leads. I am going to show you what to look for in a great prospect and where to find them. Towards the end, I’m also going to show you a solution where you never again have to worry about how to generate leads for network marketing.

Before I get started, I want to welcome you to a cool webinar training I put together where I recruit network marketing leads live in action on LinkedIn & Facebook.  Don’t miss the opportunity to get free network marketing training, just click the image below to grab ahold of this powerful “how to get unlimited leads” training.

The Strategy | How To Generate Leads For Network Marketing For FREE

In my last blog post, I talked about a revolutionary way to generate leads from LinkedIn.  I really dug deep into how to create professional people who wanted to join your business.  I’m not going to go deep into that subject because I’ve already covered it there. You can check it out at the link below:

How To Use LinkedIn For Network Marketing

It’s a really simplistic approach to finding quality people (also known as network marketing leads) to enroll into your business.  We’re not going to go deep into any subject today.  I simply want to share with you multiple ways to find leads for free & the strategy I use when recruiting for network marketing.

How to generate leads in network marketing
My Network Marketing Leads Generation Strategy

Before we dig into where you’ll find leads & how to generate leads for network marketing, I want to share with you my thought process of leads.

First and foremost, your ‘network marketing leads’ are people. People have problems that have to be solved.  That’s the only reason they will want to join you.  Not because you’re an awesome dude or have a revolutionary network marketing product.  Even if you have a ground floor opportunity.

None of that hog-wash matters.  All that matters is they feel good around you, they feel heard and they believe their problems will be solved because of joining your mlm team and taking your network marketing product.

This means that you must figure out really who they are so they tell you their life problems.  I don’t know about you but I’m surely not going to tell my problems to someone I don’t know or trust.  You need to build massive rapport and get your prospects to like you before you worry about recruiting reps on a massive scale.

Here is my system:

  1. Find network marketing leads for free (we’ll go over that later in this post)
  2. Build Rapport (get them to like me & make them feel good)
  3. Introduce my product or business opportunity
  4. Follow-up forever (I’ll introduce my follow-up system at the end of the post)

One last note before we talk about how to generate leads for network marketing.  Your thought process needs to be of helping people.  Thinking of every way possible to help others have a better life.

NOT money.  It has to do with money you will almost always lose long-term.  You will start to make decisions based on making money and not based on the right thing.  It’s like when you walk into a yard guarded by a dog.  When you’re scared of the dog, he senses it and bites you.

When looking for leads in network marketing, make sure you focus on making your prospects feel great and pay attention to their needs.  This will surely cause you to recruit more people and it is quite frankly the best way to get leads for network marketing!

Ways To Find Leads For FREE In Network Marketing

I have to separate this into 2 categories for you.  MLM leads are simply just people.  People come a wide arrange of places and sizes.  At the end of they day, it’s either online or offline.

When were on the computer or our phones finding people (social media) that’s online.  When we are just out and about, that means we’re offline.

Online social media places to find great prospects include:

Of course, I could continue to go on over how to find leads for free using social media.  But for now, I’ll let my in-depth articles teach you about the exact lead generation strategy for each social media platform.

I want to focus on the overwhelming problem we face today as network marketers.  What to do about the massive amounts of leads we find on social media.

  1. Look to make a friend
  2. Always look to disqualify
  3. Stop going after everyone

Your Target Market As A Social Network Marketer

On social media, you can do after or message everyone.  But if you don’t pick 1 and decide to focus on attracting and serving 1 potential audience, you will attract nobody.

It’s like that old Aaron Tippin’ song, if you stand up for something.  So many of you are trying to find leads for free yet you have no idea who you’re going to go after.  This causes a HUGE problem.  A monster problem.

How will you post? 

What content will you give them to serve? 

What are they struggling with? 

Who do you really want to work with?

These are just a few of the huge problems that lie in your way if you don’t choose a target market.  This doesn’t mean you won’t recruit other people.  It simply means, you have a target you’d like to hit.

What you’ll know is who your perfect prospect is, what they like and the typical problems they’re going through.  This will allow you to solve their problems with your company.  Like I stated above, just follow my training on Facebook & LinkedIn.

The Final Piece Of The MLM Leads Puzzle

Follow up is the game.  We all know that you must follow up.  You must continue to follow up because most people won’t join you for 4 – 12 exposures.  I use a tool called…

The CitaLink Live Caller, you can pick it up right here.

how to generate leads for network marketing

It allows you to log each number inside of it, call people 3 times as fast & send yourself a text message when it’s time to call.  This way if you have to reach out to someone in a month, you’ll never forget.

I’ll do a blog post coming up on just The Citalink Live Caller, but it’s a god send.  Whatever you use, continue to follow up with people long after the 1st exposure.  In fact, I simply NEVER stop following up with people.  NEVER.  If they were once a good person, why would I ever give up on them?

Life happens, just be there when they’re ready to join you.  Make sure you’re in their ear when it’s time for them to make a move.  This is what network marketing is about.  Caring for people!

Summing Up Network Marketing Leads Generation

Thanks for coming on a journey in the how to generate leads for network marketing blog post.  To come full circle, network marketing lead generation starts our by picking your target.  What is your target market?  (I guess there will be a blog post to come). Subscribe my blog to keep getting free network marketing training.

Then remember to treat people as people.  They have emotions.  People have problems and you have to solve them.  But if you never are able to gain rapport, you’re sunk completely.

how to generate leads for network marketing

And then, you follow up.  Now, some of you are completely confused or you just want to see it in real life.   Well, that’s why The Live Networker is here.  I do a Recruit-A-Thon where you get to see me in completely live action for 15 plus hours.

The interesting thing you see is how to generate leads (in live action), us getting phone numbers AND actually calling them & following up.

As I exit on this post, understand its the real deal. If you ever had trouble getting there, understand that it’s the best way to get leads for network marketing. Check out the testimonials here.  Looking forward to you getting the value of how to generate leads for network marketing soon!

Terry Jay Gremaux – +1.406.366.9280

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