How To Change Linkedin Profile URL & Why You Should

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How to change your LinkedIn profile URL is fairly simple but I want to walk you through it inside this blog post.¬† I have the an intense full LinkedIn profile blog here — if you’re looking forward to setting up & optimizing your Linkedin profile, check it out.

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Why You Should Customize Your LinkedIn Profile URL

how to change linkedin profile url

LinkedIn is the #1 medium on the planet to find people, bottom line.¬† This means that everything you do to influence your target market to find you, the better off you’ll be.¬† If you don’t change your public LinkedIn profile URL, it won’t help others find you.

Like always, you want to have your target market in mind.¬† Who would you like to be able to find your LinkedIn profile?¬† If you’re in business, this is your perfect prospect.¬† What would they be typing into LinkedIn or google trying to find you?

Put some serious thought into what you’d like your profile to be.¬† It may take you a few meditation sessions thinking about the perfect LinkedIn URL.¬† Of course, you can change it again but think hard on this.¬† It’s just another way others will be able to find you.

How To Change LinkedIn Profile URL

Let me take you on a journey through pictures to teach you how to change your LinkedIn profile URL.

How To Change LinkedIn Profile URL 1

It’s really simple.¬† From your LinkedIn profile, just click where you see the BLUE ARROW.

How to change linkedin profile url 2

To change your LinkedIn profile URL, simply click on the pencil and start typing.¬† It’s really that easy.¬† When you’re done, click save.

I urge you to make sure you’ve seen this entire blog post on optimizing your LinkedIn profile.¬†¬†

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