The question of how to be successful in network marketing haunts every beginner and even the moderately experienced ones. People have turned it into some kind of a myth and are going crazy figuring out just how to be successful in multilevel marketing or network marketing business. I have taken it upon myself to help everyone who is perplexed by this and debunk this myth.

I’ve been in multilevel marketing for twelve long years. During my career, I have had a lot of success, but before I reached the multitudes of network marketing success, I also saw seven incredibly frustrating years of failure. I changed 11 companies, jumping ship to ship and hoping for that stroke of luck to bring me my long-due fortune.

And so, when I tell you how to be successful at MLM or network marketing, I’m sharing with you first-hand experiences that turned my career around and brought me the success that I enjoy today.

These multilevel marketing tips and a relentless passion to follow them gave me the life I dreamt of, helped me become full-time since 2014 and write a best-selling book on Amazon.

So, let me tell you today, how to be successful in network marketing.

I have handpicked 32 network marketing tips that will allow you to achieve success in network marketing. These are the things I wish I knew when I was starting out. And if I had to create my success all over again from Day 1, this is what I would do.

Do check it out and watch me live in action.

 1. Understand the Realities of success in MLM

Understanding the realities of MLM is the first step towards grasping the concept of how to be successful in network marketing success. If you want to know how to be successful at MLM, you have to first know and understand the realities of this business.

Understand that your company is going to tell you that you just need to recruit 2 and make them recruit 2 more and you’ll be fine. Forget that. I have never met a top earner or a successful network marketer who had recruited less than 50.

The first powerful tip to MLM success is to understand that you have to recruit at least 50-100 people over the course of your career. Only if you do that will you find a couple of rock stars, kings, and queens who will bring in the maximum business.

You cannot expect to find a leader if you just aim to recruit 4 people. If you rely on that, the odds are stacked heavily against you. You want to know how to be successful in network marketing? Focus on recruiting as many people as you possibly can! Period.

 2. Find a network marketing company that you love

Half of success in MLM business depends upon your choice of product and company. If you don’t love the product you’re marketing, you’ll lose hope and give up at the first bump in the road. But if you fall in love head over heels with the product, guess what happens?

You’re going to talk about it and promote it no matter what. You’ll not grow tired of telling people how AWESOME it is, right? So that is integral to finding success in network marketing.

But not only the product, find a company that you love. If you don’t like the company you’re involved with, don’t trust their vision, and don’t like their culture, how will you find it in yourself to promote it? When you love the product and love the company, there is no stopping you from building massive success in network marketing.

3. Be genuine and ethical if you want to be successful in network marketing

NEVER do something that is unethical, immoral or wrong when you’re recruiting. If you do that, your success in network marketing will be built on weak foundations conceived of ill-doings, and that will make you have a guilty conscious.

Sooner or later, you’re going to regret that. And guess what happens to a building built on weak foundations? It crumbles to pieces.

Always be genuine and ethical in the MLM business. This will foster trust between you and your prospects and will bring you closer to people. And we all know that trust is the most valuable commodity in any business, and so, it is absolutely essential to have for long-term success in network marketing.

Do trustworthy things even if they don’t make you enough money, it will pay off massively in the long-term.

4. Don’t barrage your friends and family

There is a distinct difference between barraging someone to buy your product and marketing it, and learning this distinction is necessary to be good at network marketing.

Nobody likes it when you bombard them with information, ask annoying questions or try to sell something whenever you see them, least of all your friends and family. Not everyone will be interested in what you’re trying to sell. You cannot understand the needs of everybody, so why waste your time doing that?

Instead, find your target audience. You have to narrow your radar to a chunk of people who are most likely to find your product useful, study them comprehensively and know what their pains and problems are and what are their problems. Once you know your target audience, market your product to them.

Remember these words and make them your mantra: Find your target audience, study them well and THEN market your product only to them.

That’s how you become a good network marketer.

5. Share your network marketing products daily

The most eyes on the presentation usually win. Talk about your product or opportunities on a daily basis. The more you share your product, the more are your chances that people will get interested in it. That’s how to be successful in network marketing!

6. Find your ‘Why’

Find out why are you in the MLM business? Understand that MLM success largely depends on your ‘why’. Let it not be about the money alone, realize what you need the money for.

Whether it be to send your kids to college or to give your wife the life she deserves. When you know what’s at stake and why are you doing it, you’ll find ways and know how to be successful in network marketing.

7. Pick one strategy and stick to it

The Internet is filled with amazing resources and courses you can use to educate yourself, but more often than that, it overwhelms people rather than helping them. Understand that all these resources and all these strategies work.

Be it from blog or any other resource that you love, just pick one and do it! At the end of this blog, you’ll see a link to Recruit-A-Thon, where you can see me recruit people LIVE for three days and learn exactly how to be successful in network marketing.

If you’re not sure about which resource to pick, that is the one for you. But whatever you do, pick one strategy and just do it.

8. Educate yourself to find success in MLM

‘In this world, youre either growing or youre dying, so get in motion and grow.’

Educate yourself. Learn something every day. Read books. Listen to podcasts. Take a course and follow it to the core. Educate yourself on how to be successful in network marketing and then apply this knowledge smartly.

9. Provide value to your team and everybody else

Provide value to everyone you come in contact with; be it by making them feel better, helping them with something or just lending an ear to listen. People will always remember you for it.

If there’s one network marketing advice that can make your life spiritually and financially better, it’s this. Always provide value! That’s what I tell everyone who asks me how to be successful in network marketing.

10. Take responsibility for sponsoring reps

Don’t be just another clueless sponsor who’s always wondering how to be successful in MLM without taking responsibility for his team. It’s fine if you have some people in your network that are lazy or just won’t budge, but you have to take responsibility for the ones who have potential. You have to become inspirational by taking action yourself. It will take your success in MLM business to the next level and will also teach your team how to be successful in network marketing so they can crush it too!

11. Set proper expectations for your MLM success

Expectations either make us happy or sad. Set realistic expectations for yourself, the ones you CAN meet. If you’re starting out, don’t just set your goal to reach 10k a month in the first few month. Chances of that happening are slim and if it won’t, you’ll be beating yourself up needlessly and it will lead you to quit the business altogether!

Instead, set small expectations for yourself first, and when you meet these, grow them gradually. Don’t pressure yourself by setting unrealistically huge expectations, and then end up defeated, thinking you don’t know how to be successful in network marketing. Take it one step at a time and gradually move up.

12. Hot market candidates

Make a list of the people in your market that you like, trust and admire. Then set your expectation to just recruit them whether or not you enroll them. Don’t bother about what will happen next, just set your goal to recruit them as well as you possibly can.

Prep yourself for it and try to do everything right and call them. At least test your skills on your best people. This will be monumental to building up your confidence and every time you do this, you’ll learn how to be successful in network marketing in a different way.

13. Master self-control

A large part of network marketing success depends upon how good are you at self-control. This is a skill that is absolutely essential if you want to achieve anything worthwhile.

Self-control is what allows you to keep your head down, follow your calendar and recruit rather than watching ESPN. You won’t learn how to be successful in network marketing by watching sports all day!

14. Stop jumping MLM companies

The grass always looks greener on the other side. Every company is going to look better to you when you’re having a difficult time. Stop jumping companies the moment you hit a bump in the road. Take it from someone who has jumped 11 different companies before realizing that this approach leads nowhere.

Don’t jump ship because it is hard. The only case where you change your company is if you don’t love the product or company, or you need new leadership. In that case, you must. But if you love the company and have great leaders within it, just keep your head down and power through the bumpy road – your company and its leadership will see your commitment and show you exactly how to be successful in network marketing

15. Walk around confidently

Be confident. Stop fighting for approval from people. Just keep doing your own thing and know that God put you down here because he loves you and he approves of you. Fill yourself with confidence and walk around knowing that you don’t have to be afraid of anyone or anything.

You have the ability to influence people and make life better for yourself and the people you touch. If you don’t have confidence, nobody will listen to you ever. When you walk around with confidence, it puts you in a mindset to achieve great success in MLM and other walks of life.

16. Set a presentation goal

Try to put the maximum number of people in front of your presentation. Set a goal for it. The more people you put in front of the presentation, the greater chance of your success in network marketing.

It is directly related because you can control what they see in the presentation, and when more and more people see the presentation, it works wonders for your MLM success!

Bonus: Don’t get emotionally tied to your prospects

One of the greatest marketing strategies for success is to never get emotionally tied to your prospects. You’re just the messenger. You’re just showing them an opportunity which they could either accept or refuse, that’s up to them, and it doesn’t have anything to do with you.

Never let a NO go to your heart and feel emotionally tied to the one you’re recruiting. Your job is to tell them about an amazing opportunity, and that’s that.

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17. Stop recruiting, start sponsoring

If you want to know how to achieve multi level marketing success, you have to understand that sponsoring is way different than recruiting. Don’t recruit, sponsor people.

Sponsoring means that when you bring someone onboard, you show them how to get started, how to do things right and how to climb the ladder to achieve success in MLM. It’s not the same as recruiting. Understand this crucial difference and apply it to grab your destined success in network marketing.

18. Listen…

The biggest of MLM tips I can give you is to LISTEN. Listen to your prospects, your sponsors, and their problems. Listen to them share their problems and then provide them with solutions. This is how to make a network marketing business work for yourself and your team.

If your prospect tells you that they’re not getting enough time to spend with their family, or they want to lose but can’t find the right product or whatsoever, you listen to them and then try to come up with a solution for them. And when you tell them that you’ve got a solution and whether they’d be willing to look at it, they will want to, every single time.

19. Learn how to market your business

Marketing is the name of the game when you’re shooting for success in network marketing. You have to learn how to make yourself more attractive and desirable in the marketplace.

If you want to reach the top, achieve a massive success in MLM, you absolutely have to learn to market yourself and your products. Every successful business grows on the shoulders of a strong marketing strategy, and if you want to be a professional inside of network marketing, you have to learn to market too.

20. Stand out from the crowd

Be different. Be someone who lifts people up instead of drifting them away, have people’s backs, provide value to them, bring them solutions, and SPONSOR them. Be genuine.

Never forget your own unique flavor. People subconsciously realize when you are being a copycat, and nobody loves a copycat. Stand out from the crowd; you’ll recruit more people and retain them.

21. Develop a system

This is tremendously important for a sustainable success in network marketing. You cannot survive in this business if you don’t develop a system which helps you keep on track, helps you follow up on your prospects and helps you consistently follow your strategy.

I have a system which reminds me to follow up on my prospects. It does that without fail. And because most people forget about their prospects after 2 exposures, I have better chances of recruiting my prospects when I get more and more exposures. So develop a system and leverage it to succeed in MLM. This is one of the best-kept network marketing success secrets.

22. Be coachable

‘He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader.’

Be coachable if you want to become a great leader. Listen. Understand. Follow what your mentor tells you, follow what I tell you, and you’ll inevitably become a great leader.

23. Develop your dreams

If you could have anything on Earth, what would it be? What are your dreams? What do you want more than anything else in the world?

Look inside yourself and develop your dreams. No matter how inconceivably hard they are, how impossible they seem, you have to keep them on the forefront if you want to MLM success.

If you know your dreams and have a desire to make them true, you’ll learn how to be successful in network marketing no matter what!

24. Work Hard!

I feel like no one says this enough. This is by far the single greatest trait that can set you up for success in network marketing business. If you want to achieve something worthy of having, you have to work hard! So learn how to be successful in network marketing and work your hardest to crush it out there!

25. Consistency defines your MLM success

Consistency is the defining trait of any kick-ass network marketer you’ll meet. You have to be consistent in recruiting 1 or 2 or 3 people every day, showing presentations every day, helping people grow every day.

Consistency is the act of doing something every day even when the sexiness has worn off. Day in and day out, that’s what success is made up of.

26. Persistence will outlast talent every time

President Calvin Coolidge put it best:

“Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘Press On’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”

When everything and everyone fails, it is the persistent ones that win the race. Persistence is the only thing that can guarantee your success in MLM without a doubt.

27. Make as many friends as possible

Get great at making friends. Make new friends everywhere you go. These friendships will help you expand your team, they will help you take your network marketing business to the next level.

Be a great friend. Be there for your friends, listen to them, and be there when they need you. If you want to get better at making friends, read the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.

28. Have a great attitude

People will not join you if they’re not having fun. And they won’t have fun if you don’t have a great attitude. Never let your temper or your frustrations get in the way and ruin everything you’ve worked so hard for.

Always have a great attitude and people will gravitate towards you naturally.

29. Never ever quit

MLM networking is not for quitters. Quitting means that you’re not reaching out to people anymore, you’re not impacting, and you’re not talking to people. You need to get out there and hustle every day!

30. Use third-party credibility

If you’re the only presentation you have, you won’t go far. Use three-way calls and point to third-party tools that people can use to make their processes easier. People don’t believe they can do the presentation, that they can do what you’re doing. You need to point them to tools that make it possible for them to win big.

31. Master your calendar

You control your day. I can dictate your income just by looking at your calendar. And most of the people don’t have a calendar, which is precisely why their income isn’t very good. You need to leverage your time in the best possible way. You NEED to master your calendar to have success in MLM!

32. Focus on yourself

I was saving up the best for the last. Here’s the thing, guys. Too many people focus on others, on the external noise, on unimportant foolish things, and that’s the perfect recipe for disaster.

I want you to focus on yourself. Focus on growing yourself, educating yourself, making yourself more confident, being consistent and being persistent. Focus on yourself, and you’ll win long-term.

I love you guys. If you got value today, I would really appreciate you sharing this post with your friends and family either on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest by clicking on the icons on the left.

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