Emmanuel Bernstein With iBuumerang: How To Turn Your Phone Into A Cash Machine

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Emmanuel Bernstein from iBuumerang is one of the most amazing trainers in the industry of network marketing. Especially on teaching people how to invite to see a presentation or get to a meeting.

Holton Buggs put Emmanuel Bernstein on a large stage to teach the core piece of inviting to the entire iBuumerang nation. Inviting is one of the number one things that you can do to create iBuumerang success.

Make sure you respect & understand the 25 years of network marketing experience that has made Emmanuel Bernstein a millionaire is worthy to be listened to.

He is powerful. He is terrific. He is incredible. Thank you for making it to step 2 of the iBuumerang . If you’ve made it to this step and have no idea what your why is or you haven’t built your list, I urge you to go back to step 1 before continuing forward.

Turn Your Phone Into A Cash Machine With Emmanuel Bernstein

Emmanuel is a man of slick sayings & quotes and we will start out here. You want to MASTER inviting for your iBuumerang business. Inviting is where you create iBuumerang success. It’s also where you will lose all your money if you’re not careful.

I don’t want you to learn it & just watch all the videos, I want you to Learn It, Do It & Then Teach It. Yes, you have some time to master inviting but you want to be good enough to teach it exactly as Emmanuel Bernstein does.

The only way you can be that good is to do it. You can’t become a rockstar teacher if you’ve never actually done it. The big MONEY is in teaching. iBuumerang success is about doing what you’re taught and then teaching exactly how to do it throughout your team.

Your job now is to become the perfect example of Emmanuel Bernstein. This is powerful. There is no better way to launch your team to the stratosphere with iBuumerang.

What Most Do Wrong When Inviting To iBuumerang

I might as well warn you. Most do the inviting process completely wrong. I truly mean that. The reason the majority in iBuumerang or any other company don’t make money is because they screw up the invite process.

This is because they didn’t learn properly or chose to not be coachable or teachable. You see, nobody starts out great. We all start out at the same spot. That spot is not very good. But we have to understand…

Repetition Is The Mother Of Success.

Emmanuel Bernstein Of iBuumerang

It’s not about you being perfect. It’s about you getting started. You should already have your list made and now Emmanuel Bernstein is going to teach you exactly how to become a millionaire in iBuumerang by inviting properly to create iBuumerang success.

All The $$$$ Is Made From Inviting.

All The Money Is Lost From NOT Inviting.

Emmanuel Bernstein Of iBuumerang

Becoming A Professional Inviter To Create iBuumerang Success

Remember that you have the golden egg, it’s your online zoom presentation or iDecide. They don’t have access to that information unless you simply give it to them. The problem is, we have no idea what we truly have our hands on.

If we did, every single person you invite to see an iBuumerang presentation, would view it, they would watch it & they would give you a decision to join iBuumerang. You would never get maybe, I’ll check with the wife or any non-sense.

You need to become the best possible Ambassador at positioning iBuumerang to be the biggest, most exciting project that you’ve ever seen. This is so great, you’ll never see it again in your life time.

You want to sell the sizzle, the sexy, the amazing opportunity of iBuumerang that you’ve got on your hands. You don’t sell facts. You don’t sell travel. You don’t sell the boring facts. It’s about the sizzle, not the steak.

How Are You Packaging iBuumerang?

How Much Value Are You Placing On Your Business?

How Much Value Are You Placing On Yourself?

Emmanuel Bernstein Of iBuumerang

One of the most amazing mindset tricks you can make is to think you’re enrolling 20 for every single person you bring on board. Every contact isn’t a contact. Every contact represents their entire contact database. You want to get into your new enrolled rolodex. This is something Mr. Holton Buggs is incredibly good at when teaching iBuumerang success.

Every person I enroll equals 20 people in my business. This is why inviting professionally as Emmanuel Bernstein teaches us. The law of large numbers or averages always works. It never doesn’t work out. If you’re willing to go through the numbers in iBuumerang, you’ll win big.

Successful People Live Outside Of Their Comfort Zone.

Successful People Play Were The Actions Are At.

Successful People Do What Unsuccessful People Aren’t Willing To Do.

Emmanuel Bernstein Of iBuumerang

What If Holton Buggs Did Something Crazy Like This

We already have discovered that inviting to iBuumerang is your absolute #1 skill you must master. You have to understand how important it is so I want to drill it home.

If our CEO, Holton Buggs told you this…

  • For every person (name & number) you write down, I’ll pay you $100.
  • For every person you call & invite, I’ll pay you $1,000.

How many people would you invite to your iBuumerang presentation?

How many people would you write down on paper?

Of course, as many as humanly possible. You would go above and beyond to make sure you had as many names as possibility allowed. It’s guaranteed you’d make money. This is the energy and drive you must have to crush it in network marketing.

Act like every name is $100 on that list of yours. Truthfully in network marketing, this is an understatement. You’ll make more if you enroll them & duplicate that through your organization. If you were starting a million dollar business, what would you do? How fast would you build? How many would to invite?

Emmanuel Bernstein: Create The Posture Of A Top Money Earner

Emmanuel Bernstein Describes How To Develop Incredible Posture.

You know that image of that little kitty looking into the mirror and seeing a lion. Yes, you’re a lion. You are incredible & amazing. You have the golden ticket everyone is looking for. You’ve just got to act like it. You’ve got to understand what you have in your hands.

You are a professional decision collector. Your only goal is to collect decisions. After you make your list, you simply ask them a yes or no question. The script is coming later on in this post. You are out there to professionally collect decisions from every single person on your list.

If you haven’t written your list yet, you need to stop right now and do that. It’s too dang important for you. Someone on your list is waiting for you to position iBuumerang in very professional manner. This is what you want to do to create iBuumerang success for yourself.

Here are 10 ways to help you create posture in your life. I highly suggest you taking them seriously. Emmanuel Bernstein wouldn’t have sent them to us if they weren’t important!

  1. Set the time to professional collect decisions each day. (work your iBuumerang business)
  2. Create the environment to succeed. Be in a place where you won’t be distracted. (bathroom, basement, office, basement, etc.)
  3. Get the family together and tell them this time is yours. Barter with them if they give you this time uninterrupted & then follow through.
  4. Get your blood level up. Do jumping jacks, walk around, pump the music. Get yourself in a state of being high into the sky.
  5. Set your environment up to remind you of your dreams.
  6. Do your positive affirmations before you get on the phone.
  7. Remember your dreams. Remember your why. Why are you doing this business?
  8. Post picture of your hero’s. Diamonds that have crushed it in this business that you want to be like. Look at them daily.
  9. Listen to motivation. It’s a great way to get the day started!
  10. Always stand up when making calls. This gives you energy. It makes you feel their energy. Make sure you stand up when making calls. It makes a huge difference.
  11. The money making zone is where your iBuumerang business will explode.

3 Steps To The Perfect Invite From Emmanuel Bernstein

Yes, the good news is, there is only 3 steps to the perfect invite! I love that fact. You only have to master 3 steps!

Emmanuel Bernstein With The 3 Powerful Steps To Successful iBuumerang Invite

Don’t Be Casual Or You’ll Be A Casualty.

Emmanuel Bernstein Of iBuumerang
  1. Be in a HURRY.
    • Don’t Be Casual
    • 75 – 90 Seconds MAX
    • Failure like slow – Success loves speed
    • Work from a script
    • Collect a decision
    • Big list is necessary to create posture
    • Roll play a few times in the mirror
    • Success is predictable when you master inviting
  2. Create or show VALUE.
    • It’s never been done before
    • Only 1 Holton Buggs
    • Revolutionize the world
    • Customers are 100% free forever
    • Nobody has ever had this platform
    • This is Uber & Amazon times 1000
    • Usually you never see this opportunity until it’s 10 years old
    • Elevate your opportunity
    • Sell the sizzle, not the steak
  3. Take It Away
    • I can’t promise you anything
    • Anything but a YES — No worries, I’ll give your spot to someone else
    • You have the golden egg

Hey FirstName,

How Are you?

Great! Listen, I don’t have a lot of time, I am about to walk into a meeting (get on a conference call) but I have a question for you…

Knowing what you know about Uber & Amazon today, if you had the opportunity to invest when they were just getting started, do you think it would have been a smart idea to invest?

Well Yes, of course.

I’ve got my hands on something greater. Something bigger than Facebook, Amazon & Uber combined! We are working with some incredible 7 & 8 figure entrepreneurs.

Listen, we have an incredible 15 minute presentation (iDecide) that will give you all the details about what we are doing. Are you open to spend 15 minutes to look at this presentation tonight that could put another 6 figures in your bank account before the end of the year?

Yes, I can do that.

Great, I can’t promise you anything but I have about 10 other people I’ve got to call to invite to this presentation tonight & I have a limited supply tonight.

I’m working with some very successful people. 1 of them has create 45 millionaires in the last 10 years. It’s crazy!

Can you watch it for sure, for sure?


Awesome, I will send it over right now. What time are you planning on watching it?

XX:XX time.

Fantastic, I will call you at XX:XX time.

I’ll talk to you at XX:XX


If something comes up, I’ve got to know. I can slide you out and slide someone else in your spot. Talk later!

Emmanuel Bernstein – The Phrase That Pays

That it! That’s the script. It’s really that simple guys & gals. You need to memorize the gist of this script. Maybe not the exact words, but the way it’s spoken. Remember, as Emmanuel Bernstein teaches…

  1. Be In A Hurry.
  2. Show/Create Value.
  3. Take It Away.

The Take Away From Emmanuel Bernstein For Massive iBuumerang Success

You absolutely MUST understand the takeaway! Remember, you’ve got the gold. You’ve got the goods. You have what they want. If you ever get anything other than a “YES”…

The Emmanuel Bernstein Way To Invite Strangers To Take A Look At iBuumerang

You simply take it away. No worries, I’ll give the ability to be mentored by a guy that created 45 millionaires to someone else, it’s no big deal.

May they say, tell me more. Sorry, I can’t do that. I’m rushing out to a meeting and my business partner, FIRSTNAME, will be doing the presenting. He will tell you all the deets. If they keep pressing, take it away.

1st person recruiting will implode your business.

3rd person recruiting will EXPLODE your business.

Emmanuel Bernstein Of iBuumerang

Remember, your job is to collect a decision. The decision is whether they would like to take a look at what you’re doing or not. That’s it. Don’t over think it. It’s a simple decision. Become an excellent inviter & you’ll make millions at ibuumerang!

A few last notes… Peak interest & pass it on to someone else. This is how you master the recruiting game with iBuumerang. It’s not about you. It’s about peaking interest and passing it to someone else.

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