Edwin Haynes From iBuumerang: How To Create A Why That Drives You To Create iBuumerang Success

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Edwin Haynes has become an iBuumerang millionaire in a matter of a few months. It’s been incredible what he’s been able to accomplish as the GMA (Global Master Ambassador) of iBuumerang so early in the company history.

All his years in the industry of network marketing beside Mr. Holton Buggs has truly paid off. It’s very apparent that Edwin Haynes has become the perfect student & continues to be one today. This is the first step of your basic training within iBuumerang.

All of this training came from a training Holton Buggs did called The Cash Cow year back. It’s been redone to help you iBuumerang success perfectly. I want you to become the best student ever just like Edwin Haynes. Before he met Holton Buggs (CEO) he wasn’t good at networking marketing at all.

Now, he’s a multi-millionaire. You can have that same fate. I challenge you to become the more teachable, coachable & trainable just like Edwin Haynes did. Remember, Holton Buggs created 110 million in commissions over a 10 year span. What if you did just 5% of that in the next 5 years?

Create A Why That Drives You By Edwin Haynes

What is your why?

Why are you doing the things you’re doing right now?

Are the things you are doing right now producing the results in your life that you desire?

Discover Your Why That Drives You With Edwin Haynes

Your why isn’t about setting goals. As Edwin Haynes talks about in this video below, you must have a strong why to create iBuumerang success.

If Your Why Is Strong Enough…

The How Doesn’t Matter…

Edwin Haynes From iBuumerang

Your why must be so strong. You are going to run into challenges that try to stifle your in your tracks. Some of your friends are going to come around you to tell you why you shouldn’t do it. Some will even call you crazy.

Your why should drive you to do something great. It should be a roadmap that takes you to iBuumerang success.

Your Why Allows You To Dodge The Potholes In The Curvy Road Of Life.

Edwin Haynes From iBuumerang

Back Your Why By Emotions For iBuumerang Success

Most people, including you, won’t do what they need to do in iBuumerang just for money. It’s just a fact. You don’t have a boss over your head or someone driving your behavior. This means, it’s easy for you to quit if you choose.

Edwin Haynes Delivers The Cores Steps To Find Your Why
  • What reasons did you join iBuumerang
  • Find a target you would like to hit
  • Emotionally speaking, why are you going to build this business
  • Who is someone you really truly care about
  • Would you do what’s necessary for them only

The fact is, you won’t build iBuumerang for you. Typically, this will never happen. You must find something tangled up inside your that you’re passionate about.

For Edwin Haynes, he wasn’t going to allow his parents & friends see him fail. He never wanted his kids to live in poverty like he did. This is what drove him to do the things he needed to do to build iBuumerang.

When you find out your true why, it will do more for you that anythings else on the planet. Your 1st assignment. If you’re on my team, hit me up on Facebook Messenger. If you’re not on my team, please get back to your sponsor with you passionate, emotionally driven WHY.

When you know this answer, there is nothing that will stop you. Please take the time that you need to take & find your REAL reasons why you’re building this iBuumerang business.


Now it’s time for your next step in your iBuumerang business launch! This will allow you to start making money. If you haven’t learned & spent the time to discover your why, please finish that before going on.

Some of you have been in iBuumerang for quite some time & never determined your real reason why you’re building this business. Please take the time to build your reasons why. If you don’t, your chances of highly succeeding is not very good.

Amateurs Join A Business.

Professionals Launch A Business.

Edwin Haynes On Launching Your iBuumerang Business
Millionaire Spencer Iverson Giving A Lesson On How To Build Your List

You want to be a professional. You want to launch your business. You want to be organized. You want to be a professional. The question is, how do you launch a business correctly in your iBuumerang business?

The first thing you must do is make your list. Yes, I know. Everyone from your phone. Everyone from your Facebook. Every contact you have, write them down on a notebook paper.

Your Fortune Is Already In Your Pocket or Purse. (Your Phone)

Edwin Haynes On Building Your List
How To Launch Your iBuumerang Business BIG TIME With Edwin Haynes

Edwin Haynes always tells us that organization pays off big time. I truly believe that is the truth beyond truth. You must be organized in order to go to work professionally in iBuumerang & create iBuumerang success.

Have you put your list on paper?

Have you sent your success leader a message letting them know you’re done?

Tell them, I’ve made my list! I’m ready to get started making money. It’s very important that you don’t make a phone call or send a message until you talk with your success leader. They will tell you what to say, how to say it to have the most success in your iBuumerang journey!

The iBuumerang 4 Checker System With Edwin Haynes

  • Coachable, Trainable & Teachable
  • Self-Starter
  • Influence
  • Financial Ability To Get Started

Don’t Get The Sheep…

Get The Shepard!

Edwin Haynes On Categorizing Your List

After you’ve built your list you want to categorize your list. You want to pick out the people you’d love to do business with in iBuumerang. You want the people with influence over their crowd to create the greatst iBuumerang success. They have a few people who will listen to them.

Edwin Haynes Walks Through The 4 Checker System To Teach You How To Find Rockstars!

You want to star or highlight these people on your list. These are your priority. They are the business people you will start inviting to your presentation. Remember, don’t call or message until you know exactly what & how to say it.

  • Make A List
  • Categorize The List (Name/Phone/Occupation)
  • Decide Method Of Exposure (iDecide/1-on-1/Full Presentation)
  • Get Mentally Prepared
  • Take Massive Action

Once you have made your list & categorized it, you’re on your way. It’s time to take massive action. Remember, dump your cellphone from A – Z on paper. Then Facebook the same way.

What You Lack In Skills, You Make Up In Numbers

Jim Rohn

It’s time to launch your business big. Please get back to your success upline now if you’ve made your list. your success upline in iBuumerang will show you the way to iBuumerang success.

Next is exposing. Please don’t move on until you’re done & you’ve communicated with your success upline. Remember, Edwin Haynes is a millionaire with iBuumerang because he chose to be coachable, teachable & trainable.

Only action truly answers that question. Are you being coachable, teachable & trainable like Edwin Haynes?

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