How To Start A Conversation On LinkedIn To Easily Create Business

How to start a conversation on Linkedin?  Is this the question of the century.  After creating over 50,000 LinkedIn leads using the strategies & tactics I teach, I want to share with you how to easily start a conversation on LinkedIn to then take to business.

We will not be talking about exact scripts for you can get them in my conversion blog (click here) & we won’t touch the selling over the phone either (click here for that blog).  Before we get into the meat of how to start a conversation, I want to offer my completely free LinkedIn Leads course by clicking the link below.  Over 80 modules & growing, this course is legendary & you get it for free.  

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how to start a conversation on LinkedIn

How To Start A Conversation On LinkedIn Step #1

If you want my entire process of how we created 50,000 LinkedIn leads, go to this blog post here but today I want to shed some light on how you start a conversation on LinkedIn.

In the beginning, you’ve got to be connected on LinkedIn to truthfully create a conversation OR at least get a response to a message you send.  I truthfully never send messages until we connect.

To me, it much like going to a convention.  Take a New York second and take yourself back to the last convention you attended (big or small).  Chances are, at that convention, you met some people you didn’t know.  They were either introduced to you or this happened.

Eye contact from across the room, it was locked.  Sounds like a sexy dating story, huh?  All personal connection starts in the same place, a spark.  I treat getting connected with someone, a spark.

Back on LinkedIn this means getting a LinkedIn connection request accepted.  Once that happens, it’s game time.

The Golden Word Of LinkedIn Conversation Starters

We have the attention of another human using this crazy platform called LinkedIn.  Let’s not forget the human part.  I believe so many times, just as some hide behind their computers & say things they would never say in public, we have to take a moment to THINK.

Yes, think if you’d ever say that in public or on the phone.  If the answer is no, don’t do it EVER.  People are on LinkedIn for 1 reason & that is business.  Taking this little secret to heart, they WANT to get on the phone.

The magic word is “mutually beneficial”.  I gave it to you.  The 2 word monster that changed my life.  I want you to embody it.  I want you to grow into those words.  Yes, use them often but actually act what they say.  If you do this, starting conversations on Linkedin will be easy.

how to start a conversation on LinkedIn

How To Embody “Mutually Beneficial”

If you want to start great conversations on LinkedIn, use the words “mutually beneficial”.  All professionals understand networking & networking is a powerful endevour we all know.

If you want to crush your business using LinkedIn, act out the words mutually beneficial.  Much like loving someone.  It’s very simple & easy to tell a girl that you love her.  It’s an entirely different story to show her.

Let me share you a story that is 100% true.  Me & my wife just celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary.  I could have just purchased something but…

I found a private chef in Covid time down here in Mexico.  I was able to get him to open his restaurant up JUST FOR US.  I choose a private 4 course lunch.

She had no clue.  As we walked into the outdoor restaurant, our wedding song was playing and our favorite romantic songs would play dinner this epic dinner.

That is the difference between showing and telling.  Show the prospect there is mutual benefit in speaking with you.  It will come through your energy.  This is how you create amazing connections on LinkedIn!

Concluding How To Start A Conversation On LinkedIn

If you’ve read this far, I’m proud of you.  Remember, if you want my entire process, head on over here.  Just show your prospect (other humans) that you mean mutually beneficial when you say it.  Bring value to the conversation & uplift their lives.  It’s so critically important.

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With Generosity,

Terry Jay Gremaux



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