Using LinkedIn To Create Health Insurance Leads That Convert Into Sales

The others in the office have the same health insurance leads that I do & the office recycles the same leads to all agents.  We are encouraged to purchase them from the office.  A good friend and client, Dan Maher told me this scary story.

Hearing this set me off & I was sure to get to the bottom of it.  It’s no wonder the most health insurance agents fail & are fighting an uphill battle.

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My First Thought…

Those pour soul’s on the other end of the phone make me cringe inside.  The immediate picture that populates in my mind was a wounded seal at sea with great white sharks surrounding it before the seal took it’s last breath.  Could you imagine what that feels like?  Do you want to be a wounded seal?

I know that image is kinda grim but it’s true.  It’s no wonder that most health insurance agents don’t have fun at work & feel like a sales person.  The reason you become a health insurance agent is to HELP people, not sell them.  This is an internal issue that we all have to live with

Here at TheLiveNetworker, we set out on a mission to find a solution for you.  This way you could have fun again & actually talk to REAL people.  You know, build a relationship instead of feeling like a sales person hunting for his next meal.

The greatest gift I receive from your program is the ability to talk to real people.  

Dan Maher

Health Insurance Agent, USHA

Where To Find Quality Health Insurance Leads

For the last 8 years, I’ve been creating mutually beneficial conversations on LinkedIn.  We have created over 50,000 LinkedIn leads & 100’s of thousands of dollars.  I’m not telling you that to impress you but to impress upon you that there are multiple ways to get to where you are going.  

If you’d like to know all about what we do, over 80 modules went into this free course called LinkedIn With Generosity.  Go here — to pick it up.  My blog is all about the philosophy & our course is how you make it happen step by step.  You could call this a health insurance lead program.

LinkedIn has been our go to for amazing Linkedin leads in all shapes and sizes including health insurance leads.  In another blog post in the future, we will go deep into every piece of LinkedIn.  Let’s stay on topic for today.

Why LinkedIn Leads Are Better

Let’s step back a touch.  Imagine you are floating above yourself having an out of body experience.  I know you think I’m a little crazy about right now & thats okay.

You are the prospect.  You’re watching 2 events unfold.  On the right, you see a person get call after call.  No matter how many times they decline the call, they keep getting more calls from different numbers.

On the left you see a different scenario all together.  You see a mutually beneficial call making the prospect feel really good.  They don’t have anyone else calling upon them.  

If you were to describe each situation with 1 word, what would you choose?  On the right, it may be something like a wounded animal with a predator bearing down on it.

On the left, I would see a community coming together with generosity.  The perfect health insurance lead program produces leads for you to build a relationship with, not sell!

Which one would you rather be?

This is why LinkedIn Leads for health insurance and the best leads you can generate.  Oh yeah, you can do it for free.

Would You Refer You

Before you rapidly go answer YES to this question, place you butt in the pants of your typical prospect.  Take a moment to imagine the emotion they feel.

If you are like most health insurance agents, you purchase leads that have put their name on a sheet.  They are getting called by 10+ other agents.  They decline call after call, yet they keep getting called.  Trust me, I’ve been on this side too.

If you are truly that prospect & you have that experience, would you put your friends in that space?

ME EITHER!  This is the biggest reason why most health insurance agents don’t create referrals on a regular basis.  Yet another reason why health insurance agents should choose LinkedIn.

If you’re ready to see if we are see are a good fit for you, click the button below.

With Generosity,

Terry Jay Gremaux



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The Linked With Generosity lesson for health insurance leads goes as follows.  We need to understand the feeling tone of doing business goes a long way.

If we choose the feeling tone of generosity, we always win.  We recieve more generosity if we give more generosity.  Choose your health insurance lead program wisely.

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