Hi, I’m Terry,

Thriving in life and business, a Relationship-builder at heart, Passionate to help you succeed, and

Now widely-known as The Live Networker  –

Your fearless, one-of-a-kind teacher of the world’s best social media and network business-building strategies, who virtually does the unthinkable …

My Friend, Come on Over to the Live Side.

  • If LIVE training makes me crazy for your success – I can’t deny it.

I’ve already helped thousands of business-builders world-wide with my LIVE training strategies … now let me help you to create a motivated, lucrative team and thriving business that makes your life more amazing for you and your family.

  • If LIVE training makes me a bold, rogue leader in the world’s best network marketing strategies – I’ll take it.

I’m proud that my world-class, LIVE business-building and social media training is now known globally—revered for its proven effectiveness and supreme value.

  • But when I’m called “audacious” because I do it all LIVE for your benefit – I guarantee – I’ll make you a believer.

Because … Nothing. Else. Works. Better.

Let me stand before you,

Sit next to you,

Virtually take you by the arm,

And do it with you–fully LIVE and in your moment,

Teaching you in the most effective way possible, to build relationships, your team, your success.

When people realize what I do, how I literally show you—not on PowerPoint, not in a pdf or manual, but LIVE and unscripted—I often hear affirmations like,


 Terry, you’ve got to be the most fearless dude on the planet.”

     Well, not so much when it comes to jellyfish! And negative people who sting like jellyfish. But that’s another story for another day.

Yet, when it comes to teaching—totally LIVE—the strategies, disciplines and habits that you absolutely must weave into the fabric of your days to finally live your dream life … well, then it’s quite possibly true.


Another phrase I often hear is,

    “Terry is a regular guy.  If he can do this, I know I can, too!”


While an introvert at heart, I sometimes start thinking of myself as a cutting-edge Rockstar …

Until the beautiful Felicia nudges me back to earth. I know where I started, how I learned in dark places … literally.

     Born and raised in the cold tundra of Montana, starting out as a coal-miner in the depths of the planet,

Then failing in 7 different companies, I’ve gained tenacity and a high-energy mindset—always focusing on learning from the best and investing in myself.

I’ve learned to pursue my goals like a salmon swimming upstream, going against the flow of discouragement and nay-sayers, and with equal passion to impact and uplift others.

And now I can say with unabashed excitement that I’ve built a following on the international stage and well over a six-figure income; I’ve recruited more than 300+ into my company using the same strategies I teach you.

And I’ve built a happy, full life I never thought possible—sharing it with my babe Felicia and our four stinking cute kids …

… And with faith in God’s goodness—knowing everything happens perfectly—and an exuberant love for helping you experience the same kind of success and purpose …


The Live Networker takes you to the enriching places you need to go—to get to the fabulous places you want to be.

Want a childhood analogy that might hit home?

You want to learn to ride a bike. What’s the best way? 

Watching a PowerPoint, reading an instruction guide, or by someone walking beside you, placing your hands on the handlebars, helping you get pumping, pushing you when needed, pointing out the potholes, answering your questions, and ensuring you ride far and wide?

     That’s the LIVE-Action Advantage.


     And here’s how to grab a seat on my fast-moving wheelhouse, with

  • THE membership program to fit your needs:


The Leads & Conversions:  includes training on all social media platforms, plus Phone Skills on Demand, just $47 per month


  • See me LIVE on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even Craig’s List, in real recruiting-mode as I reach out, create connection, ask key questions, discover pains and offer solutions (your product or opportunity). A true skill-building treasure!


Reach out today—Invest in Yourself—Take a First Bold Step—on the Live Side!

Thank you so much.  Can’t wait to talk with you!


The regular guy, the boldest dude on the planet–who’s impassioned to help you truly succeed,

Terry “The Live Networker” Gremaux


P.S. The best way to see if my training is right for you?   Read many of my clients’ stories here on this site … they’re the ones who know first-hand, and they might give you some insight into your own situation.

  1. P.S. Take a walk on the Live side today … you’ll be so glad you did. All my best to you and yours.


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