3 way calling has to be the most efficient and effective way to enroll people into your network marketing company. The problem, most people do it completely wrong & make 3 way calling non-effective.

In this post, I will walk you through the simple process of setting your mlm prospect up for maximum possibility of enrollment when on the phone with the expert.

If you follow the instructions about 3 way calling in this blog post, you’ll be sure to enroll 2 – 3 times the number of mlm prospects easier than before!

Using 3 way calling to effectively will help you 3X your results in your business!

Why 3 Way Calling Is A Must

Before we get into the art of 3 way calling, I think we should first determine why 3 way calling is necessary. Even if you’re a super good closer, 3 way calling is a necessary step in your arsenal.

In the warm market, your mlm prospects trust you or they wouldn’t be talking to you. The problem is, they don’t respect you. They have known you all your life and they don’t believe you can help them make money.

Because they trust you, you can edify your expert and they will automatically believe you. This works 100% of the time if done correctly. The people in your world will not be able to be enrolled by you. This is why 3 way calling is a must.

Before The 3 Way Call

Prior to the 3 way call is when your work begins. You must get your MLM prospect to understand they are very lucky to be talking to your expert. Your expert has very little time.

The reason you must do this in 3 way calling is it establishes respect. If they believe your expert is incredibly busy because they’re helping other people win big, they will have ultimate respect and listen to what the expert has to say.

Here is a good way to set up the 3 way call.

Hey John,

The guy I’m working with recruited 36 people in his first 35 days & now he’s helping people like you do the same. Look, I don’t know if he has 10 minutes but I’m sure I can catch him for 5.

Do you have anything pressing on Thursday @ 9PM eastern time that is going to put 6 to 7 figures in your pocket?

Terry J Gremaux’s Story

See how this creates ultimate respect with your prospect. If you’ve done this edification part properly, when you get on the phone with your expert, the hard work is done.

Your Responsibility In 3 Way Calling

Your sole responsibility in the 3 way calling system is to create the scenerio where to mlm prospect has ultimate respect for the experts time and everything they have to say.

You don’t need to worry about anything else. You sell your experts time with your prospect and make them feel like the luckiest person on the planet to be talking to them.

NEVER EVER speak up when 3 way calling until the expert gives you the power back. This is the stage fo the expert to excel. You sit back, take notes and enjoy!

The How-To Of 3 Way Calling

Now that you’ve edified your expert properly and your prospect understands the importance of this call, you’ve done your part.

You now show up to your appointment a minute or two before & call your expert with your prospect on the line.

You should know what your prospect needs to get over to come into the business. Make a good introduction like this.

John, are you there? Yes, Mr. Expert, can you hear us?

Fantastic! John, I’ve told you how precious Mr. Experts time is and the amazing work they’re doing with people on our team. I don’t want to take anymore time then we need to.

Mr. Expert, John has seen a webinar presentation along with our 12 minute presentation but really wants to know the best way to get started and how fast he can make money.

Mr. Expert, take it away.

Terry J Gremaux – 3 Way Calling Script

Now, you’ve done your work. It’s time you sit back, put your phone on mute and pay attention! Job Well Done!

In 3 way calling, you need to learn how to edify for success. This will teach you how!

The 3 Way Call In Network Marketing: How To B.A.M.F.A.M

The 3 Way Call: Network Marketing On How To Simply & Save Time

The Ultimate Job Of 3 Way Calling

If you start using 3 way calling like this, you’ll notice huge advances in your business almost immediately! Teach your team the proper way to use 3 way calling & you’re all but guaranteed to see your business skyrocket.

My final statement about 3 way calling is to say…

The incredible job that 3 way calling does is validates what you’ve already told them. The 3 way call isn’t designed to be the first exposure. Use it how it’s design to be used and see your business grow!

Now, it’s time you learned exactly what to do! Book a consultation call with me and I’ll help you put into action the 3 way calling system for best results with your team! Book Here & i’ll look forward to our journey together!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post on 3 way calling and more importantly, I pray you put it into action!

Talk soon,

Terry J Gremaux

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